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Featured Article

Walker’s Low Water-Wise Gardening

These 10 tips to water-wise gardening are directed toward Southern California and the Desert Southwest, but the overall message applies nationwide.

Featured Project

Clay Pot Ancient Water Savers

Is your garden-watering plan 1,000 years old? It should be. Tap into these ancient strategies to help conserve water and make the most of every drop.

Featured Plant

Goldilocks Stonecrop Goldilocks Stonecrop

If you’re hoping to attract a lot of butterflies to the garden, this might be the plant for you. Butterflybush is a tough, sun-loving, medium-sized shrub with beautiful bloom clusters.
Grow a Taste of the Tropics
Arbor Tropical Temptations

Give your home a tropical flair inside and out! Glorious, large-leaved, colorful tropicals can take your breath away – even if you don’t live where summers are tropically steamy. Whether you can plant these beauties in the ground for year-round enjoyment or can only enjoy them temporarily outdoors as container plants, these fantastic tropicals prove the next exotic getaway you take will be to your own garden!
Tropical Garden Create a Tropical Oasis

When life’s chaotic happenings have you wishing you could jump on a plane and take a timeout in blissful paradise, travel no further than your back yard. Comfortable seating, some container-friendly palms and a few tropical bloomers can turn an otherwise boring patio or deck into an amazing retreat – and one you can get to without needing a boarding pass! (Grass skirt and fruity drink with paper umbrella: optional.)
Regional Gardening Tips

Plant Hotspot

Check out what plants our Learn2Grow members are learning more about today:

  • Late lilac blooms in late spring with gorgeous, fragrant, pinkish-purple or white blossoms.
  • Sweet William is a treasured old-fashioned favorite for its bright clusters of lightly fragrant flowers.
  • Banana shrub displays lovely, fragrant springtime flowers, as well as attractive, shiny, year-round leaves.

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Great Plants to Contain
Azaleas Amazing Azaleas

Looking for an easy and cost-friendly way to add three seasons of color to a patio, balcony or entryway? Plant Encore® Azaleas in containers!
Bridalveil Foliage Hang-ups

Enhance your porch, gazebo or shepherd’s hook with cascading foliage plants. These five favorites bring cool textures and beauty from above.
Alocasia Tropical Beauties

These awesome container plants make escaping to the tropics as easy as hanging out on your patio. Create a relaxing oasis with potted tropicals.
Calibrachoa Trailing Temptations

Trailing plants bring elegant drama to containers and hanging baskets without costing a fortune. Check out some easy-to-grow trailers to contain.