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Apples in Baskets Autumn is for Apples

Are you ready for bushels of autumn flavor? These 10 ideas for storing, serving and enjoying fresh apples are sure to help you get the most from this year’s harvest.

Featured Project

Applesauce Chunky “Awesomesauce”

Homemade applesauce is easy to make and good for you. Learn how to turn your apple harvest into a quick and delicious side dish or snack that your family will love.

Featured Plant

McIntosh Apple McIntosh Apple

A commercial and backyard favorite since 1798, this fruit is as well-known as an apple can get! Enjoy it as a yummy snack, bake it in pies or turn it into applesauce.
Bulbous Spring Bloomers to Plant in Fall
Grape Hyacinth Grape Hyacinth

Plant these tiny bulbs now, then welcome spring in a big way later! Whether in a woodland setting, nestled in a rock garden or used as edging for landscape beds, the bright hue and sweet fragrance of grape hyacinth offers an unforgettable springtime show. Due to their small stature and minute sales volume compared with tulips and daffodils, grape hyacinths are one of the “minor bulbs” of the trade. Although sometimes scorned by gardeners for their ability to spread, these little lovelies can turn a ho-hum garden into a real showplace!
Eranthis hyemalis Early Geophytes for Natural Sites

Early blooming bulbous plants offer a breath of fresh air from the tired chill of late winter. Many are well-suited for naturalizing, amplifying their cheerful colors as they spread freely and naturally in a pleasing, non-invasive and non-competitive manner. Known as “geophytes,” these plants are really just perennials that grow by underground bulbs, corms, rhizomes or tubers. Plant them in fall for a much-needed boost of colorful joy later. These bright harbingers of spring generally bloom for 2-3 weeks from January through March.
Regional Gardening Tips

Plant Hotspot

Check out what plants our Learn2Grow members are learning more about today:

  • Taiwanese toadlily is a herbaceous perennial with attractive foliage and beautiful, showy flowers in early autumn.
  • American mountain ash is a native tree with pretty spring flowers, good fall color and dazzling berries from late summer to winter.
  • Meadow saffron is an autumn-blooming bulb that carpets the ground in a dazzling display of bright lavender-pink flowers.

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