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Cymbidium Cymbidium Orchids

Enjoying a long history that dates back to Confucius’ day, Cymbidium orchids have become a favorite throughout the world. Find one that fits your growing philosophy.

Featured Project

Phalaenopsis Try a Phalaenopsis

A Phalaenopsis makes a great “first orchid” for interested homeowners who are nervous about orchid care. Just beware: It may be hard to stop at only growing one!

Featured Plant

Cattleya Cattleya

Known as corsage orchids and considered by many aficionados to be the “Queen of Orchids,” this popular genus features large, frilly flowers in a plethora of bright colors.
Green Gardening Goals for 2018
Landscape Grow Greener!

Have you ever wondered what’s truly meant by the “green movement” and what the average home gardener can do to participate in it? Southern California gardener, Gerald Burke, answers these questions and makes some good recommendations for all of us to grow (and live) in much more ecologically-responsible and sustainable ways. Learn some easy and practical techniques to “go green” in your own yard – and help the environment while you’re at it. You may even save some hard-earned money in the process!
Compost A Hot-Compost Resolution

Once a passive composter, one gardening expert now vows to take her composting efforts to the next level and try “hot composting.” Rather than letting compost materials pile up and slowly decompose on their own over several years, Veronica Lorson Fowler resolves to take the steps needed to actively work with her compost to create that wonderful soil amendment much more quickly. Learn her tips for taking on this active way of creating “black gold” for her garden, as inspired by her composting pro of a neighbor.
Regional Gardening Tips

Plant Hotspot

Check out what plants our Learn2Grow members are learning more about today:

  • Comet orchid is a tropical bearing star-shaped, white and green flowers with long, comet-like tails in fall and winter.
  • Oriental spruce is an attractive evergreen tree with a neat pyramidal shape, pretty cones and short, glossy, dark green needles.
  • Golden bamboo brightens up the winter landscape with its graceful habit, yellowish-green leaves and golden-colored canes.

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Take Winter Comfort
Bulbs Spring on the Windowsill

Looking to add indoor color during the cold season? Growing spring bulbs inside brightens your home and provides a planting fix when you can’t be out in the garden.
Coffee Plant Grow a Pot of Coffee

Even if coffee isn’t your cup of java, you can still appreciate the tasteful way it grows. This unique tropical makes a nice, large houseplant for a warm, bright room.
Vegetable Garden Curl Up and Read

If you’re considering growing organic vegetables, check out this garden book. Not only will you learn about food crops, you’ll find tips for saving (and making) money.
Rhubarb Pie Partake in Rhubarb Pie

Tired of winter already? Focus on what’s to come…in the form of rhubarb. Your wintry torture is a small price to pay for the delicious benefits that this leaf stalk offers!