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Circleville Pumpkin Show Circleville Pumpkin Show

Ever see a 6-foot-wide pumpkin pie or a street lined with 100,000 pounds of gourds? Visit this extraordinary pumpkin show in Circleville, OH, and have a mouthwatering adventure!

Featured Project

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Don’t throw away the seeds you scoop out of your pumpkins this year. Make a great nutritious treat for everyone to enjoy. These roasted pumpkin seed recipes are easy and delicious!

Featured Plant

Lumina Pumpkin Lumina Pumpkin

Make a ghostly jack-o’-lantern with this cool white pumpkin. It adds a festively appealing touch to autumn-themed décor, and its sweet, bright orange flesh is fine for pies and soups.
Get Your Bulbs Planted!
Crocus Bright Ideas for Springtime Bulbs

Enjoying a colorful garden of flowering bulbs come May means thinking about spring long before April showers. It may seem weird, preparing for your spring garden when you haven't yet considered how long it'll take to prepare your Thanksgiving turkey. But like that roasted 21-pound bird, bulbs need a lot of time if they’re going to “cook” properly. (Luckily, planting bulbs is easier than defrosting a frozen turkey at the last minute.) Learn when and how to plant spring-blooming bulbs this time of year.
Tulipa Greigii Read Our Tulips…

_Tulipa greigii_ and its cultivars last longer in gardens than typical hybrid tulips do because they’re slow to produce offsets. In addition, since this bulb renews itself each spring, it doesn’t have the numerous daughter bulbs to nourish so the main bulb remains relatively large. Learn more about this first species tulip introduced directly from the wild. It’s a showstopper in the springtime landscape, from flower beds to rock gardens. (Just remember: You have to plant these bulbs now to enjoy their true beauty later!)
Regional Gardening Tips

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Check out what plants our Learn2Grow members are learning more about today:

  • Sugar maple is a native tree best known for its spectacular fall color, ranging from bright orange to shades of yellow and red.
  • Hawaiian Ti is a tropical shrub with strap-like leaves of red, yellow, pink or variegated.
  • Yaupon holly is a Southeast native evergreen with showy, bright red, yellow or orange fruit that ripens in fall.

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Don’t “Leaf” it Alone!
Rake Rake Your Leaves

Whether you mulch fallen leaves or gather them into piles, raking them up is an important job that keeps your yard looking good – and your lawn healthy.
Chopped Up Leaves Don’t Blow Them Off

They may seem a nuisance, but those fallen leaves covering your yard are a useful commodity. Mow them into mulch and give your plants extra nutrients!
Sugar Maple Bury Leaf Problems

Too many leaves and no room for a compost bin? Digging a compost pit is an easy way to dispose of raked leaves and yard waste without having to layer.
Baked & Stuffed Squash Make Passive Compost

Composting is a basic task all home gardeners should learn. So is raking. Passive composting combines both skills to create a great way to help your garden.