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Featured Article

Butterfly Attracting Butterflies

Learn how to create a butterfly garden that’s all aflutter! With the right plant menu, plenty of seating and the perfect ambiance, your garden can become the hottest butterfly restaurant in town!

Featured Project

Monarch Butterfly Give Your Garden Wings

This garden plan is so beautiful, you’ll get the butterflies! Invite some gentle winged creatures into your yard with this inspiring butterfly garden. We’ll give you the design, you pick the plants!

Featured Plant

Butterflybush Butterflybush

If you’re hoping to attract a lot of butterflies to the garden, this might be the plant for you. Butterflybush is a tough, sun-loving, medium-sized shrub with beautiful clusters of elongated blooms.
All Arbor-ed!
Arbor Arbor Day (for an Elegant Entrance)

Even though it’s nice to celebrate Arbor Day by planting a tree, not all home gardens can accommodate a new one. If that’s the case for you, try something new and celebrate Arbor Day the creative way! Building an arbor is a relatively easy project that serves as a beautiful portal to your garden sanctuary. While it takes planning and the right materials, this pretty task can bring you years-worth of enjoyment after a weekend-worth of work. (And we bet you’ll think of Arbor Day more often when you’re finished!)
Rose Arbor Design Around an Arbor

Every home gardener deserves a quiet, restful place to sit and enjoy the beauty they’ve created. But anyone can pull up a folding chair on the patio. Imagine having a gorgeous seating area that’s actually part of your garden design! When used in the proper setting with the right plants, garden arbors and benches can take outdoor living to a whole new level. Here’s the best part: You don’t need to be an experienced gardener to create this outdoor paradise! Here’s the design – you just pick and place the plants!
Regional Gardening Tips

Plant Hotspot

Check out what plants our Learn2Grow members are learning more about today:

  • Late lilac blooms in late spring with gorgeous, fragrant, pinkish-purple or white blossoms.
  • Sweet William is a treasured old-fashioned favorite for its bright clusters of lightly fragrant flowers.
  • Banana shrub displays lovely, fragrant springtime flowers, as well as attractive, shiny year-round leaves.

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