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Seed Start Seed Starting Made Easy

Growing plants from seed is lots of fun and rewarding for all ages. Best of all, it's not that difficult. All you need are a few essentials and the willingness to try.

Featured Project

Wood Flats Build Wood Flats

You can start seed in nearly anything, from nursery packs to egg cartons. But you'll have more success starting seed in wood flats. (Plus, they look much nicer!)

Featured Plant

Peas Pea Pointers

Growing garden peas is the delicious, healthy way to save money. It can be a challenge, but once you've got the knack, you'll be very "peased" with the results!
Orange You Gonna Try This?
Landscape Dwarf Citrus for Indoor Gardens

You may think the only way to get homegrown citrus fruit is to move to Florida or Southern California, but that's not the case. Citrus trees are now available in varieties well-suited to life indoors. Not only do these plants provide plenty of fresh fruit to use in your kitchen, they make striking houseplants. Under the proper conditions, there's no reason why any citrus tree wouldn't grow indoors, but you should stick with the varieties that growers have developed for small spaces. Learn more about them.
Orange Seedling Grow Oranges from Seed

It doesn't take much to get a child's gardening imagination growing, and ideas can crop up in the most unusual places. The next time you eat an orange, save the seeds and try germinating them - just like this 6 year old did with her gardening grandpa! It's much easier than you might think, and what better way to start growing with the little sprouts in your life than trying to grow a plant from the orange you just enjoyed? Read the accounts from both expert gardener and granddaughter, as they grew together.
Regional Gardening Tips

Plant Hotspot

Check out what plants our Learn2Grow members are learning more about today:

  • Caroba Jacaranda bears dazzling branches of violet-blue flowers most profusely in spring and summer.
  • Fairy primrose is a delicate-looking perennial with lovely flowers of white, pink or purple in early spring.
  • Umbrella papyrus prefers wet sites and is most noted for its striking foliage of tall whorls of long, leafy bracts.

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Garden Free Garden Designs!

You don't need to be an expert gardener to have a gorgeous outdoor space. Create the garden of your dreams, using free professional designs that you modify to your tastes.
Front Walkway Front Walkway

Is walking straight through your boring lawn the fastest way to get from the sidewalk to your front door? Add a curved, inviting path or walkway down the center of your yard.
Lilac Fragrance Garden

A well-designed fragrance garden is as amazing to look at as it is to smell. Adding one to your back yard can bring your outdoor living experience to scent-sational heights!
Rock Garden Rock Garden

Is part of your yard uneven? Say goodbye to that troublesome slope and hello to a beautiful new garden that's rock steady. We'll give you the design, you pick the plants!