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Onions Grow & Store Onions

Although the cranberry is grown commercially for its tart, red fruit, this evergreen shrub from eastern North America also makes a nice addition to the home garden.

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Baked Garlic Baked Garlic

Hosting Thanksgiving or another social event? Baked garlic is one of the easiest (and tastiest) appetizers you can serve. Give this delicious, simple-to-prepare recipe a try.

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Chives Chives

Producing attractive foliage, pretty lavender-pink flowers and great taste, chives are a lovely perennial and an edible delight. Use them ornamentally or as a culinary herb.
Southern Autumn Bloomers
Encore® Azaleas Fall With Encore® Azaleas

If you think you can only get a blast of azalea color in late winter and early spring, you’re in for a beautiful surprise! Encore® Azaleas are a collection of long-blooming shrubs that offer more than one season of dazzling flower power. If you’re looking for an easy, cost-friendly way to add color to your patio, deck or entryway and want to jazz up your autumn landscape, try planting these terrific shrubs in containers. Learn how one novice gardener did just that – and grew awesome blooming results.
Camellias Becoming Camellias

An old-fashioned favorite in warm-region gardens, camellias are wonderful plants that offer a wide range of deeply colored flowers and glossy, green leaves on an easy-to-grow shrub. Fall-blooming sasanqua camellias, although not as renowned as their Japanese cousins, provide a pretty show of blooms in autumn when a lot of other plants are not really popping with color. Use them in an informal border or as a touch of formal flair, and take a look at how to keep these pretty plants blooming.
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Check out what plants our Learn2Grow members are learning more about today:

  • Tea has glossy, dark green, oval leaves and offers fragrant, white flowers in fall that continue to bloom into winter.
  • French sorrel is a Mediterranean perennial that’s been grown since the Middle Ages for its tangy leaves.
  • Pindo palm is a single-trunk evergreen palm with blue-green to gray-green fronds that arch beautifully downward.

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It’s the Cranberries!
Cranberry Meet the Cranberry

Although the cranberry is grown commercially for its tart, red fruit, this evergreen shrub from eastern North America also makes a nice addition to the home garden.
Cookies Scrumptious Cranberry Recipes

If you’re looking for new ways to enjoy cranberries beyond the traditional sauce, try these great recipes courtesy of the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association.
Cranberry Apple Pie Cranberry Apple Pie

Are you in charge of dessert this holiday season? This delicious twist on traditional apple pie features cranberries tossed into the mix. (Your taste buds will give thanks!)
Cranberry Scones Cranberry Scones

These easy scones feature dried, sweetened cranberries and common ingredients you probably already have in the kitchen. Enjoy them for the holidays – and beyond!