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Featured Article

Lettuce Season Your Produce

Yes, you can enjoy delicious produce from your garden year-round! The key is to know what to plant and when to harvest (and then how to store it all).

Featured Project

Brussels Sprouts Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Kids not a fan of boiled Brussels sprouts? Try roasting them instead. This easy recipe transforms the veggie into a crispy, delicious source of vitamin C!

Featured Plant

Golden Sunrise Swiss Chard Golden Sunrise Swiss Chard

This easy-to-grow veggie is so pretty, it can be used in pots and mixed borders, too! If you live in an area with mild winters, you can plant this beauty now.
Weather or Not, Here Winter Comes!
Straw Bale Frame Straw Bale Frames

Many avid gardeners find themselves in a predicament when winter arrives: too many tender plants, not enough storage space. Since most homes have a limited number of available windowsills and few homeowners have a greenhouse, one solution is to build a cold frame for young, tender plants using bales of straw. These bales are typically inexpensive, help insulate tender leaves from winter temperatures and bonus: You’ll have nice mulch come next spring!
Hibiscus S.O.S. – Save Our Shrubs!

When the weather outside turns frightful and you fear the worst for your little shrubs, what’s a home gardener to do? Understanding how plants typically react to sudden low temps and then following a few simple steps might just help save your shrubs from an untimely death. If you’re expecting a severe cold spell in your area, consider placing some old blankets or quilts around tender plants’ roots overnight, then remove them in the morning if the sun comes out.
Regional Gardening Tips

Plant Hotspot

Check out what plants our Learn2Grow members are learning more about today:

  • Scarlet oak is a stately native US shade tree that turns vibrant red in fall.
  • Large autumn crocus brightens the fall landscape with large blooms in shades of pale lilac to deep purple-blue.
  • Variegated dwarf schefflera is a gorgeous evergreen tropical shrub with variegated, palm-like foliage. Use it outside in warm climates and inside as a houseplant in cold-winter regions.

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Winter Is Coming…
Mower Winterize Your Mower

Late fall’s weather signals it’s time to start wrapping up your lawn care routine. Winterize your mower before storing it for the cold season so it’ll be ready to roar come spring!
Cleaning Spade Winterize Your Tools

Dirt stuck on your favorite trowel many not seem like a big deal. But if you don’t keep your tools clean and properly stored in winter, a little dirt now can turn into big problems later.
Helleborus Jazz Up the Winter Landscape

It’s not winter yet, but now’s the time to consider how you’d like your cold-season garden to look before the chill sets in. Melt the cold with these winter-loving blooms and shrubs.
Garden Soup Warm Up: Garden Soup!

Winterizing the garden can be a chilly task. Warm up after your outdoor chores with a bowl of homemade chicken soup, using fresh-from-the-cool-season-garden vegetables and herbs!