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Milkweed Is Native Gardening for You?

If you enjoy the company of wildlife, want a low-maintenance garden and like plant diversity in your yard, go native!

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California Poppy Sow Wildflowers

A garden bed filled with native wildflowers is spectacular – if you know how to properly sow seed for maximum effect.

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Columbine Fine Columbine

This wildflower’s blooms may look intimidating to new gardeners, but have no fear: It’s a hardy, low-maintenance native.
Enjoy Early Spring Edibles
Lettuce Lettuce Grow Good Food

Why buy your salad when you can grow your own? Lettuce has come a long way since crisp iceberg was the only variety available in the grocery store. Now there are so many types, it’s hard to choose just one, so pick different kinds for your garden! Generally considered a cool-season crop, lettuce and other salad greens can be grown in the ground or in a container, where you can harvest them as cuttings. But before you grow there are some things you should know…
Peas Pea Pointers

Green peas, snap peas and snow peas are delicious, healthy crops to grow at home – not to mention a great way to save money. Typically grown in cool seasons, peas are usually planted toward the middle to end of March. The climbing nature of the plants means they do best on some type of support, like bamboo stakes, strings, trellises or even fences. Growing garden peas can seem a little tricky at first, but once you’ve got the knack, you’ll be “peased” with the results!
Regional Gardening Tips

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Check out what plants our Learn2Grow members are learning more about today:

  • Siberian squill is a small bulbous perennial with charming blue flowers that bloom in early spring.
  • Sweet acacia boasts yellow, early spring flowers that fill the air with fragrance.
  • Manzanita is a native California evergreen bearing clusters of white, tubular springtime flowers.

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Bring the “wow” factor to your springtime garden with some of these unusual and beautiful plants, and grow a little on the wild side!
Field Poppies Fabulous Field Poppies

These sun-loving annuals are easy to plant and care for. And thanks to their seed, they may possibly return for a repeat performance!
Forsythia Forsythia Fever

In addition to being beautiful, forsythias can be good investments for your landscape. Learn more about this golden harbinger of spring!
Phlox Divaricata Wild Sweet William

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