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Beautyberry Beautyberry Basics

Beautyberries are attractive shrubs that produce purple fruit late in the growing season. Check out these recommendations for a berry colorful autumn landscape.

Featured Project

Garden Drawing Beautyberry Buddies

Finding the right companion plants to complement your beautyberry isn’t difficult. You just have to know where to look. Start with these “good neighbor” plants.

Featured Plant

Blue Muffin™ Viburnum Blue Muffin™ Viburnum

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A compact selection of the hardy, native arrowwood viburnum, this shrub bears creamy flowers in spring, followed by gorgeous blue berries and nice fall color.

California Plantin’
Viola Prepare for the Fall Season

A fundamental difference between California (at least its milder, more populated parts) and the rest of the country is its seasons. Officially, the state has the typical four. But most green thumbs in the Golden State quickly learn that there are really only two seasons, especially when it comes to flowering bedding plants and vegetables: spring and fall. If you’re a California gardener, learn some tips on how to prepare for your busy fall planting season, determine which plants are best planted in autumn and know what gems to look for. (Your garden will thank you for it!)
Peas What’s New for Your Fall Garden

Not everything released by seed growers works well in Southern California, but there are some real winners out there. With fall just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to try some of these champs in your own outdoor space. While it may be too late to start some of them from seed (and you might not even find the seed offered anyway), you should have some luck finding many of them as started plants in the better garden centers and home improvement stores. Check out what one garden writer deems some of the best for a fantastic fall and winter growing season in SoCal!
Regional Gardening Tips

Plant Hotspot

Check out what plants our Learn2Grow members are learning more about today:

  • Pink turtlehead is an upright-growing native perennial with clusters of two-lipped, tubular pink flowers that bloom late in the season.
  • Pygmy date palm is a dwarf tropical bearing pretty evergreen fronds, creamy flowers and black, edible fruit.
  • Dragon Wing™ begonia is a tender perennial with flashy color that puts on quite a show late in the season.

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Fall With Pizzazz
Helianthus Fabulous Fall Faves

Does your garden seem to fade after a blooming summer? Broaden your plant palette and fire up your growing space with some of these fab fall-interesting beauties!
Kitchen Container Easy Autumn Containers

Updating containers with fall themes is an easy, cost-friendly way to bring a new look to your patio or porch. Try these ideas and fall into a beautiful new season!
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The Sunshine State might not present the traditional fall colors of the North, but tropical plants make it possible to create that cool autumn feeling in your yard!
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