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Berries Garden Winter Wardrobes

We all get caught up with indoor holiday décor this time of year, but as long as the ground’s not frozen, there’s still time to work on our garden’s winter wardrobe.

Featured Project

Centerpiece An Easy Centerpiece

Grace your table with a gorgeous centerpiece straight from your garden. Add a few festive candles, and you’ll give thanks for this cost-friendly way to decorate!

Featured Plant

Sweet Dumpling Squash Sweet Dumpling Squash

This pretty winter squash is a squat, creamy-white selection marked with dark green stripes and bright orange mottling. (Buy it this autumn – grow it next season!)
Succulent Projects
Haworthia Propagate Succulents

Anyone can be a successful gardener if they’re willing to try (and can forgive themselves for killing a plant or two along the way). So don’t let the word “propagate” intimidate you – especially when it comes to succulents! These tough, forgiving plants make propagating a snap. Give this practically goof-proof method a try and gain some serious green-thumb confidence over winter that can help boost your gardening skills in spring (as well as your plant collection)!
Wreath Create a Succulent Wreath

Would you like to spruce up your holidays with a homemade wreath but would prefer not to use the same old, tired evergreens and pinecones? Try something different this year and use succulents instead. These drought-tolerant, fleshy plants come together nicely to create a neat wreath that, with proper care, can be enjoyed year-round. This simple craft is easy, as well as beautiful – not to mention a unique way to bring some fun Southwest flavor to your indoor décor.
Regional Gardening Tips

Plant Hotspot

Check out what plants our Learn2Grow members are learning more about today:

  • Japanese skimmia has pale pink, fragrant blossoms in spring, followed by glossy, cherry-red fruit in fall.
  • Gold Bar silvergrass features long, variegated blades that are medium-green and crossed with creamy-yellow bands, giving the plant a tiger-striped look.
  • Octopus tree is a tender plant often grown as an indoor tree. It needs moderate to bright indirect light, good humidity and ample drainage.

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Holiday memories are made in the kitchen, with a little sage, thyme, rosemary and love. Whip up some great memories of your own this Thanksgiving, using homegrown herbs and this recipe for herbed bread dressing.
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Many root vegetables, like potatoes, carrots, onions and sweet potatoes, can be easily – and tastefully – roasted. These recipes take minutes to prepare, but you’ll relish them as if you slaved for hours in the kitchen.
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