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Featured Article

Fringed Bleeding Heart Plant Endangered Species

Help save our planet the beautiful way: Include a few threatened plant species in your garden! Learn how plant conservation brings rewarding beauty, interest and intrigue to home landscapes.

Featured Project

Garden Drawing A Late Season Native Garden

Bring some eco-friendly beauty into your landscape: This late season native garden border offers interest, color and attracts wildlife. (The birds, butterflies and environment will thank you!)

Featured Plant

Joe-Pye Weed Joe-Pye Weed

Looking for something tall, bold and handsome for your garden? This large herbaceous perennial has purple blooms that attract bees and butterflies, making late summer gardens all aflutter!
Jam Session
Herb Jellies Homemade Herb Jellies

Many gardeners have had a good crop of herbs this year, even in areas where drought has been an issue. Are you one of them and wondering what to do with your herbal bounty beyond the usual flavorings in your family fare? Good news: Fresh herbs are fantastic for making gourmet-style jellies, the perfect accompaniment to a variety of roasted meats and vegetables. Even better, making your own is as simple as brewing tea – not to mention a delightful way to savor nature’s goodness year-round!
Rose Hips Rose Hip Jam

Roses have more to offer than just beautiful blooms. Around late summer and early fall, luscious (typically red or orange) rose hips take over the plant and put on a gorgeous show of color. But that’s not all: Many studies show there’s a high vitamin C content, as well as many other vitamins and minerals, found in rose hips. Discover how to harvest this remarkable treat so you can enjoy its many health benefits – whether in teas or muffins or in this wonderful rose hip jam recipe. (Hey, it’s hip to be healthy!)
Regional Gardening Tips

Plant Hotspot

Check out what plants our Learn2Grow members are learning more about today:

  • Firecrackerbush is a Southwest native evergreen with red, tubular flowers from late summer to the start of winter.
  • Arrowwood viburnum is a large native shrub with creamy-white spring flowers, late summer blue fruits and red fall color.
  • August lily is a nice Hosta species with pretty ribbed foliage and snowy-white, sweetly-fragrant blooms in August.

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Late Season Beauties
Tall Sedums Terrific Tall Sedums

Tempura is a traditional Japanese dish that’s as quick and easy as it is fun and delicious. Give it a try – it may become one of your favorite meals from the garden!
Blue Mist Blue Mist

Revitalize your summer-weary garden with an easy-to-grow beauty. This small shrub has lovely, lightly fragrant blooms from midsummer until frost.
Silver Lace Vine Silver Lace Vine

This fast-growing plant offers a grand display of white blooms in late summer and fall. Like any vine, it should be planted where it can be managed.
Autumn Crocus Late Season Bulbs

Pepper your summer dishes – as well as fall and winter meals – with nutritious homegrown goodness! Check out this easy way to preserve your prized pepper harvest.