Helianthus Fall With Pizzazz

Don’t let your garden fizzle after a color-filled summer. Broaden your plant palette and fire up your garden with some fabulous plants that burst with fall interest!
Kale Early Autumn Chores

Autumn is unfolding and the work outside is far from over. Before you hang up your gloves and trowel, here’s what needs doing in the early fall garden.
Autumn: Boxed in

Fall Window Box

Creating fall window boxes, pots and hanging baskets using harvested materials from your garden is an easy, cost-friendly way to bring fall-themed curb appeal to your home. Start with a few small pumpkins, add some cut branches and embellish as desired. With a little planning and creativity you can have a festive, unique and gorgeous window box that celebrates fall’s bounty!

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Seed Heads SOS – Save Our Seeds!

Saving your own seeds from the garden is extremely gratifying, and as interest in sustainability grows, there’s more reason than ever to stat gathering!
Beautyberry You Autumn be Planting

Getting perennials, trees and shrubs in the ground before frost hits helps give them a growing chance and a head start for spring – if you plant properly.
Slug Pests Like Fall Veggies, Too!

Protect your autumn veggies from hungry insects with some easy organic controls, so you can enjoy your harvest for as long as your garden keeps giving.