Garden Grow Tasty Colors Among the Flowers

Still looking for a good spot to plant a few edibles this season? Turn to the closest flower bed. You may be surprised at how beautifully (and deliciously) they’ll mix in!
Rose Grateful Deadheading (Roses)

How to deadhead your roses can be a vexing question. Learn a few good techniques from Stan the Rose Man – then try them out on your own rosebushes.
Hot-Climate Gardeners: Plant for Summer Now!


You’ve dreamed about having a colorful, bloom-filled garden, and you’ve spent good money on the plants that are supposed to make that dream a reality – of course you want to get the most out of your investment! No matter if you’ve got annuals, perennials, woody plants or a container garden, to keep your blooming beauties performing their best, all you have to do is remember “P-L-A-N-T” (Planting - Lighting - Agua (Water) - Nutrients – Trimming)!

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Hawaiian Ti Contain a Taste of the Topics

Escape to an exotic oasis without traveling: Thanks to tropical plants in containers, paradise can be as close as your back yard or balcony – no matter where you live!
Golden Star Feel the Heat With Hot Annuals

Fiery annual color in beds and containers complements the dog days of summer. Plant some of these great heat-tolerant ornamentals and create a hot garden that sizzles!
Mint Herbs: Garden Guardians

Herbs don’t just enhance the taste of food, they can improve the look and health of your entire garden! Learn which plants can help keep certain pests from invading.