Butterfly Weed Native Gardening Hype

If you enjoy the company of wildlife, want a low-maintenance garden and are interested in a plant-diverse outdoor space, grow native!
Houseplant How Often Do I Need to Water?

To water or not to water: That is the question. But we’ve got the answer! Learn how to assess the thirst level of your houseplants to keep them happy and healthy.
Light Up Your Home With Shady Bromeliads


Whether you know it or not, if you’ve ever toyed with growing a pineapple as a houseplant (or just brought a pineapple home), you’re already been introduced to the wonderful world of bromeliads. In fact, the pineapple is likely the most famous bromeliad in the world – but it’s definitely not the only one to try! If you have a dimly lit, lifeless room in your home that could use some cheering up, consider a bromeliad houseplant that’s suited to “shady” conditions. Featuring glossy, green foliage, these plants prosper when they never have direct sunrays reach them – making them perfect for that desk or coffee table located over 5 feet away from the window.

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Hellebore Winter-Blooming Hellebores

Just when you thought flowers were limited to spring, summer and fall, along come the hellebores! And yes: These pretty perennials even grow in cold parts of our country!
Blueberries Winter Pruning for Summer Bounty

Nothing says summer like fresh blueberries – but did you know that winter is the best time to prune your bushes? This easy pruning guide will set you on the path to bountiful.
Roses Winter is for Roses

If you have mild winters, it’s time for you to get your bare-root roses in the ground! Plant them right and prune them properly so you can enjoy these beauties for years to come!