Flower Bowls Winter Gardening SoCal Style

It may be winter, but Southern Californians – and those in other warm areas of the country – can still enjoy their great outdoors!
Olive Branch Thank You, Olive Tree!

The Olive tree isn’t just a Mediterranean beauty with nice foliage. This ornamental produces the oil that started the tradition of lighting eight candles at Hanukkah!
Long Live Your Christmas Tree!

Christmas Tree

For many, selecting a live Christmas tree (and then happily hauling it home to decorate it) is a fun family tradition that goes back generations. The challenge is keeping your seasonal pick looking fresh throughout the holidays. Help your cut Christmas tree stay its best by keeping it moist and choosing a spot away from drying air ducts and any heat sources, including TVs, radiators and fireplaces. (Remember, dry plant material is a fire hazard!) Need a few more tips? Check out these hints to helping your family enjoy your living tree throughout the yuletide season – and Happy Holidays!

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Poinsettia Ho, Ho, Ho-liday Plants

Deck the halls with holiday plants! From traditional poinsettias to exotic-looking Christmas cacti, these bloomers are sure to bring your home plenty of good cheer!
Norway Spruce Christmas Tree Options

For some holiday decorators, picking the type of Christmas tree to display in their home can be a challenge. Here’s a look at some of your tree options to help you choose.
Compost Material Compost Keepers, Losers Weepers

Let’s go green and be less wasteful! A compost keeper is a covered, filtered container kept in the kitchen to help us turn our kitchen scraps into garden-enriching nutrition.