Root Check Overwinter Tender Plants

If you’ve still got some favorite tender plants outside, it’s time to bring them in for a long winter’s nap. Just make sure they’re pest-free and clean before helping them with the transition.
Blue Birds Winter’s for the Birds

As you’re cleaning up your beds, don’t cut away all of your dead-looking flowers. The seed heads are a natural food source for feathered friends!
Dwarf Citrus for Your Indoor Garden

Dwarf Meyer Lemon

You may think the only way to get homegrown citrus is to move to Florida or Southern California, but that’s not the case. Citrus trees are now available in varieties well-suited to life indoors. Not only do these plants provide plenty of fresh fruit and wonderful fragrance for you and your family to enjoy, they make striking houseplants. Bonus: Chances are winter won’t seem nearly so cold in the company of one of these delightfully fragrant subtropical beauties!

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Mulch & Fork Winterize Your Beds

It’s colder, but don’t hang up the trowel yet. There’s no rest from the garden until your beds have been prepared for winter (and next spring).
Crocus Force Bulbs for Winter Bloom

Add indoor color during the cold season by fooling your spring bulbs into winter bloom. You’ll brighten your home when you need it most!
Palms An Indoor Palm Reading

Growing a container palm may sound intimidating, but there are a handful of houseplant varieties available that are relatively easy to maintain.