Contained Herbs Contain Herbal Goodness

If you like the idea of growing your own food but worry that you don’t have the space, time or a green-enough thumb, start with growing herbs in containers.
Nasturtium Vine Care & Maintenance

Vines are wonderful plants when they’re not overrunning the garden. Learn how to keep your climbers and trailers beautiful, healthy and inbounds with proper care techniques.
Curing Annual Decline

Color Border

Many summer gardens start with a colorful bang – then midseason hits and it all starts to fizzle. This annual decline is often written off to the heat. If that’s really the case, then how do garden professionals manage to keep the beds at botanical gardens and fancy theme parks continually blooming and looking gorgeous? They apply just three simple gardening fundamentals. And yes, they’re ones that can keep your home garden color-perfect all season, too!

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Chile Peppers Heat it up With Chile Peppers

It’s technically an edible, but some chile peppers are pretty enough not to eat. Whether you harvest them or not, this ornamental is one hot plant to add to the garden!

Bush Palmetto The Palm of Your Land

Take advantage of the warm, rainy season and add palms to your landscape. These 10 easy-to-grow palm trees tolerate tough conditions and are just the right size.
Garden Chair Take a Vacation From the Garden

You deserve a vacation, but who’s going to take care of your garden when you’re away? With a little preplanning, you and your plants can survive the separation.