Mulching Water Conservation Techniques

Watering on a regular basis isn’t the only way to grow a healthy, thriving garden. Help your growing space become more self-sufficient, so you’ll have more time to enjoy it.
Grub Control Grubs This Fall

Grubs are one of the most common turf problems out there. Some gardeners fight them in spring, but late summer/early fall is the time to do it, when the pests are small.
Planting Fall Veggies in Summer


Many gardeners think the end of the growing season comes when the kids go back to school or the tomato plants are hit with the first frost. The truth is you can keep growing and harvesting homegrown produce even with a chill in the air and long after Jimmy has started his first science project. You just need to know when to start cool-season crops.

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Patio Garden Enjoy Your Summer Garden!

Rather than worry about all the things you have to do in your garden, take a minute to reflect on all your successes and enjoy the beauty you’ve created.
Chamomile The Herbal Harvest

Get the most from herbs throughout their growing season: Learn how and when to pinch, prune, collect flowers and dig roots for peak flavor and fragrance.
Hens and Chicks Succulent Container Gardening

Create an attractive, drought-tolerant, water-wise dish garden using succulents. These amazing plants offer unique shapes, textures and colors year-round.