Tulips Turn on the Bulbs

It may seem weird, planting spring-blooming bulbs long before Thanksgiving, but like that turkey, bulbs need a lot of time if they’re going to “cook” properly!
Fallen Leaves Rake Your Leaves

In addition to giving your yard a tidy appearance, raking leaves helps keep your lawn healthy and prevents pests from finding hiding spots to spend the winter.
Timely Fall Gardening Tips

Indian Corn

Take a deep breath; you can smell fall in the air. The changing leaves, cooler weather and shorter days signal a new season. If fall temps have restored your energy and gardening interest after a long, hot summer, here are a few gardening chores that might need your attention. Remember, a little time spent in the fall garden brings great rewards come spring. And until Old Man Winter comes a-knockin’, it’s still too early to throw in the trowel!

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Coleus Sweet Potato Tropical Fall Feelings

It’s fall, even in the tropics. Warm regions don’t present the typical fall colors of the North, but its gardeners can still create that autumn feeling.
Rowan Berries Halloween Plant Lore

Get more out of Halloween than candy: Some BOOtiful plants historically linked to the holiday were once thought to have magical properties.
Amaryllis Blooming Amaryllis

Force amaryllis bulbs for the holidays: Plant them in early October for Thanksgiving bloom, then in late October for a flowering Christmas.