Miscanthus Ornamental Grass Care Basics

When properly cared for, ornamental grasses make a wonderful garden addition. Here are some basic care tips to keep your grasses looking beautiful year-round.
Apple Branch Prune Fruit Trees

Think you've got nothing to do in the garden this winter? If you have fruit trees, it's time for a little trimming to ensure healthy plants that produce great tastes.
Winter-Healthy Houseplants

Big Leaf

Since indoor plants do so much to help get us through winter's dark days, don't they deserve a little extra TLC? Many houseplants are tropical in nature, and they don't like cold weather any more than we do. Winter's low light levels, fluctuating temperatures and dry air mean these beauties need special care during this time of year. Learn how to keep your winter houseplants healthy all season long by adjusting the temperature, humidity, lighting, water and fertilizer over winter.

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Planted Bulbs Potting Bulbs for Spring

Adding spring bulbs to the garden is done in fall, but it's still possible to enjoy bulb-filled planters if you've missed that in-ground planting window.
Catnip Water Wise Gardening: Mountain West & High Plains

You can grow beautiful gardens in windy, cold, arid conditions. The trick is to plan accordingly, pick the right plants and conserve precious water.
Crapemyrtles Don't Commit "Crape Murder"

Crapemyrtles are most effective in the modern landscape when they're allowed to grow naturally. Learn how to properly prune these attractive plants.