Kids in Garden Your Garden Classroom

Your back yard is an amazing classroom! Learn some tips on how to transform your garden into a terrific teaching tool that can help your children grow a love for gardening!
Satellite Patio Launch a Satellite Patio

When most people think of a patio, they picture a seating area right next to their house. But there’s another type also worth considering, a so-called “satellite patio.”
Keep Calm and Garden On

Patio Garden

“Boring” suburban back yard got you down? It’s easy to grow uninspired by the same old garden growing on your side of the fence. Hey, it happens. Obviously no back yard is without its maintenance needs, and no garden – and gardener – is perfect. But with the new gardening season upon us, now is the time to find a little growing inspiration and dream big – and then fall back in love with the idea of having a beautiful garden again this growing season!

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Vertical Garden Plant up a Wall

The pineapple has been an important part of Southern hospitality for centuries. Learn how this tropical fruit made its way into homes and hearts down South.
Bloodroot Survive Native Plant Sales

Getting the most from a native plant sale can be challenging, so plan ahead! Finding out availability, culture and care will help you when cruising the aisles.
Green Roof Green From the Top Down

Green roofs can be stunningly beautiful and are environmentally friendly. Learn about different types of green roofs, as well as which one may be best for you.