Fountain Exploit the Sound of Water

Let the soothing sound of water wash away those undesirable background and city noises that can interrupt your tranquil outdoor living experience.
Wisteria Gardens of White

Color rules by day, but when the sun goes down, there’s nothing like masses of fragrant white flowers to light up the night and take your breath away!
Community Gardens & Bounty Hunters


It’s a startling fact: Pediatricians are warning that because today’s children live a sedentary lifestyle and are so chronically overfed yet undernourished, they may be the first generation of Americans since World War II to die at an earlier age than their parents. But there are people out there trying to change that! Nonprofit Petaluma Bounty is aiming to build a sustainable food system that gives access to healthy food for everyone in Petaluma, redistributes surplus food and provides affordable fresh, organic produce to low-income families, schools and seniors.

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Sunflower Gardening for Kids (With Books)

Two great hobbies you can share with your kids are a love of reading and the joys of gardening. Combining the two provides great learning and fun for the whole family!
Purple Chair Color it Beautiful

Add a punch of color to your garden without using plants. Painting a fence, pots or window boxes in bright, bold hues brings new life and whimsy to a garden’s design.
Plant Color Magical Michigan Children’s Garden

With more than 75 areas to explore, this half-acre wonderland for kids will inspire you and the family to find new ways of bringing magical whimsy into your own back yard.