Garden Railroad Garden Railroads

All aboard! Railroading isn’t just an indoor hobby anymore. Combine your love of trains with your love of gardening, and you’ll be on the right track for outdoor family fun!
The High Plains Arboretum The High Plains Arboretum

Learn how gardeners continue to reap the benefits of essential research from Cheyenne, WY, and what’s in store for the High Plains Arboretum.
Too Hot to Handle?


Most people are familiar with the risk of hypothermia in winter, but fewer people realize summer’s heat and humidity bring on the risk of _hyper_thermia. This broad term refers to the rise in body temperature that causes heat-related illnesses, from minor heat rash to life-threatening heatstroke. Since it’s no secret that keeping up a garden in the summer can be a steamy chore, it’s important to be familiar with the signs of heat-related illnesses and their proper treatment. Of course, prevention is always best – so take care to stay cool!

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Betty Ford Alpine Gardens Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

At 8,250 feet above sea level, this botanical garden takes beauty to new heights! Take a glimpse at what this “garden with a view” in Vail, CO, has to offer.
Topiaries Tip-Top Topiaries

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…plant? Garden art comes in many forms – even the kind you grow. Check out these fun topiaries and clip out a little whimsy.
Fernando Fernando’s Garden

Rohan Fernando grows more vegetables than he can eat, so he shares his harvest with neighbors, friends and even passersby. You can share your bounty, too!