Roof Garden Green From the Top Down

Green roofs can be stunningly beautiful or just a great way to help protect our environment, lower heating and cooling costs, and make fresh air.
Weeding Inspiring Containers

Containers aren’t just for patios and front doors. Bring the “wow” factor to every part of your outdoor living space with unique container plantings.
Imitation is the Sincerest Form of…Gardening


Maybe there’s a house in your neighborhood that has the prettiest window boxes every spring and summer. Maybe you can’t help but admire how attractive a planting bed looks at the local library. There’s nothing wrong with appreciating someone else’s garden design and planting work and then using the idea for your own outdoor space. In fact, gardening success often begins by pilfering design ideas wherever you can find them. Learn how one professional gardener finds her inspiration – and pays great compliments wherever she plants.

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Frog Artistically Beautiful

Featuring clay sculptures peeking through the foliage, this North Carolina courtyard garden expresses the homeowners’ tasteful style and love of nature.
Gracie Kids and Pesticides Don’t Mix

We all know it’s important to keep chemicals away from children, but we don’t always consider the aftermath once the products have been safely applied.
Melon Melon Mania

Melons are loaded with flavor, nutrients and water – critical during those days of high heat. Learn how to select, store and savor juicy summer melons.