Laying out plants Put Me In, Garden Coach!

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer in need of a little garden-design guidance, a garden coach may be the answer. David and Bryan did just that – and scored a growing touchdown!
Mexicolor Garden Mexicolor Gardens

Become inspired by the vivid colors of Mexico and learn how to take your outdoor living space from “humdrum” to “south-of-the-border WOW!”
Food & Green Trend Predictions

Vegetable Garden

In fashion circles, one year you’re in – and the next year you’re out. The same can be said for the food, gardening and green industry arenas. What will be the hot plant this year? Will there be any health-foodie must-haves introduced in 2014? Is the green industry tracking any popular trends for the near future? Melinda “Food Sleuth” Hemmelgarn offers the trends that she thinks will be “in” for a number of years to come. Read more about them so that you don’t suddenly find yourself amongst the “out” crowd.

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Pineapples The Welcoming Pineapple

The pineapple has been an important part of Southern hospitality for centuries. Learn how this tropical fruit made its way into homes and hearts down South.
Blueberries Tips for Growing Green

Check out a few tips to help you grow an environmentally friendly yard that’s easier to take care of and puts some extra green back in your garden…and wallet!
Petunias Buy Seeds, Save Money

Buying seeds in bulk is a great way to save money and try new plant varieties. Combine your purchases with family, neighbors and friends to save even more!