Alpinia Crawl Space Gardening

Learn how to use the natural warm, moist air in the crawl space of your home to overwinter frost-sensitive bulbs and grow cool-season plants.
Pesticide Label Always Read the Label

Every pesticide is different, but they all start the same: with the label. Before you reach for any chemical control, learn what to look for on the container – and then read every word!
Fencing: The Ultimate Deer Solution


Yes, deer are beautiful creatures, but the hushed reverence many folks express when they see deer in their back yards quickly evaporates when the first few expensive shrubs are chewed to bits. And let’s face it: When a bunch of deer are hanging around, protecting the garden is a lot like trying to protect a sand castle against a tsunami. What’s a home gardener to do? Learn the art of fencing!

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Bagworm How to Bag a Bagworm

Bagworms feed on the foliage of many tree species and can cause a lot of damage, but they can be easily controlled if you identify them early and follow a few steps.
Wax Scale Using Insecticidal Soap

Insecticidal soap can be a great tool for gardeners. Knowing how to use this product and understanding its limitations are the keys to safe and successful pest control.
Caterpillars All About Caterpillars

Notice extra holes in your leaves? Your plants may be under attack by caterpillars. Learn more about these leaf munchers, as well as how to control them if necessary.