Pansies Protect Plants From Frost

Don’t let your early spring garden get frostbit! Here are a few quick and easy ways to protect your plants when the temperature dips.
Dandelions Disarm Spring Weeds

Some of the worst weeds break ground in spring. Learn how to quickly disarm seven of these explosive unwanted plants before they detonate in your yard.
Hard Freezes = Hard Garden Times

Frost Damaged Plant

It usually happens when we least expect it: late frosts and freezes. Just when we think cold weather has officially left and we’ve begun to enjoy the beauty of spring, Mother Nature comes along and zaps us – and our plants – with a little harsh reality. When those unexpected frosts and freezes hit, home gardeners are usually left with a lot of questions as to how to repair the damage. If your garden has taken a hit and looks like it’s not going to make it through the rest of the season, don’t panic. All may not be lost. 

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Ladybug Get to Know Ladybugs

Ladybugs come in so many colors and sizes, it’s hard to keep them straight. Here’s a photo guide to the most common ladybird beetles helping your garden.
Daisies See the Garden Light!

The start of a new gardening season is exciting, but there are a few things to consider. The first is to determine the amount of sunlight your planting space gets. 
Leaves Overcoming Oak Wilt

As with many serious plant diseases, prevention is the best medicine. Learn what steps you can take to help keep this deadly disease out of your trees and garden.