Hibiscus Save Our Shrubs

By understanding how plants typically react to sudden low temps and by following a few simple steps, you can help save some shrubs from an untimely death.
Powdery Mildew The Disease Triangle

Three conditions must be present for a plant to fall victim to disease. Learn what they are, then clean up your garden properly so it can enjoy a healthy 2017 growing season.
Preparing Plants for Winter

Snow Garden

Have you tempted fate and goaded Mother Nature by adding some much-loved plants to your landscape that aren’t really supposed to survive winters in your hardiness zone? (It’s okay – we’ve all done it.) Now that you cherish those marginally-hardy gems, you’ll need to prepare them for the rigors of the coming season. With just a few precautions and some regular garden maintenance before the snow flies, you can help your plants survive the cold reality of winter and hopefully continue to enjoy their seasonal beauty for years to come.

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Scale All About Scale

Scales don’t really look like insects, so they’re often missed. Learn how to identify what they are, the damage they cause and how to control these garden pests.
Asian Lady Beetle Asian Lady Beetle

Everyone loves ladybugs, and they can be found everywhere. Alas, this particular species is starting to become a nuisance – not in the garden, but inside homes.
Deer D’oh! A Deer!

Using deer-resistant plants is one way to keep Bambi out of your garden, but if you can’t live without your hostas, hydrangeas and roses, you need a Plan B.