Frost The Early Bird May Get Frostbit

“Drought tolerant” doesn’t mean “frost resistant.” Don’t let early frost turn spring fever into a cold your plants won’t recover from. 
Azalea Leaf Gall The Azalea Leaf Gall

If your plant has leaf galls, a few snips should stop the disease in its tracks. Learn more about this azalea leaf problem, including the easy way to identify and remove it. 
Disarming Weeds Before They Explode


Some of the worst weeds break ground in spring, waiting like ticking time bombs until they explode in a shower of seeds and take over the landscape. Offenders like dandelion, common groundsel, prickly lettuce, purple deadnettle, creeping speedwell, common violet and hairy bittercress are major threats to spring gardens. To disarm them before they detonate, early identification and effective removal are necessary. Here’s how to quickly and successfully remove these seven explosive garden weeds. 

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Bee Bee Kind to Bees

Don’t “bee” scared! Bees are actually a gardener’s best friend. Choose the right plants and help this beneficial creature bee all it can bee!
Plant Cover Protect Springtime Plants

There’s no stopping early spring frost, but these easy tips can help protect your plants when the temperature dips down to damaging levels. 
Palmetto Weevil Controlling Palmetto Weevil

The palmetto weevil is a large pest can cause great damage to stressed and dying palm trees. Learn more about this insect and how to control it.