Erigeron Low-Volume Irrigation

Whether or not you’re struggling with drought, low-volume irrigation is smart practice. Learn the easy tips to low-volume watering.
Garden Soil Don’t Guess, Soil Test!

A soil analysis is your gardening key to maximum plant growth. Learn how to collect and submit a soil sample, then have it tested before the spring rush.
Save Our Shrubs!


When the weather outside turns frightful and you fear the worst for your little shrubs, what’s a gardener to do? Remember, evergreens and deciduous plants adapt to cold differently. If you have evergreens that have dropped all their leaves, that’s a serious problem. But for deciduous plants, it’s completely normal. Still concerned? Don’t panic yet: Understanding how plants react to sudden low temps and following a few simple tips might just help save your shrubs.

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Junipers Deer-Resistant Evergreens

Are those pesky deer eating holes in your nice evergreen hedges or foundation plantings? Here’s a long list of beautiful, deer-resistant evergreen plants.
Henbit Bite Back at Henbit

Is henbit taking a bite out of your yard? This wily weed may seem tough, but you can bite back with one of these tips for removing the growing nuisance.
Hoverfly Attract Beneficial Insects

Scales don’t really look like insects, so they’re often missed. Learn how to identify what they are, the damage they cause and how to control these garden pests.