Deer Oh Dear, It's Deer

Do you have trouble identifying deer damage in your landscape? Learn how to tell whether this four-legged foe is the culprit.
Palmetto Weevil Understand & Control Palmetto Weevil

The palmetto weevil is a large pest that can cause large damage to palm trees. Learn more about this insect and how to control it.
Henbit Bite Back at Henbit

Is henbit taking a bite out of your yard? This wily weed may seem tough, but you can bite back with one of these tips for removing the growing nuisance.
Hover Fly Attract Beneficial Insects

One of the best ways to control insect pests in your garden without using chemicals is by making sure that you attract beneficial insects and pest predators.
Soil Spade Don't Guess, Soil Test

A soil analysis is your gardening key to maximum plant growth. Learn how to collect and submit a soil sample, and have it tested before the spring rush.