Juniperus virginiana Deer-Resistent Evergreens

Do you have the Bambi-is-eating-my-evergreens blues? Cheer up! There are some beautiful evergreen shrubs and trees that deer tend to leave alone.
Crawl Space Garden Crawl Space Gardening

Learn how to use the natural warm, moist air in the crawl space of your home to overwinter frost-sensitive bulbs and grow cool-season plants.
Low Volume = Smart Irrigation


It seems as each year passes, weather patterns get more and more unpredictable. Will it be another dry growing season or not? As gardeners, the best thing we can do is be prepared, and low-volume irrigation is a great way to get started. Whether you’re currently struggling with drought or not, conserving water is just smart practice – and everyone should do it. Not only is it good for plants and the planet, it’ll save you money! Learn the easy tips to low-volume watering and how to help conserve one of our most precious resources.

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Mealy Bugs All About Mealybugs

Commonly found on houseplants, mealybugs are small insects that can cause big problems. Learn how to identify these pests, as well as how to control them.
Hydrangeas The Dirt About Soil pH

pH is important to gardeners because it affects everything they work with: soil, water and plants. But what does “pH” mean and how does it work? Let’s dig into it!
Plant Pest What’s Insecticidal Soap?

Do you know what insecticidal soap is? Knowing the difference between dish soap and this garden product can help you clean up the garden of unwanted pests!