Ladybug IPM: Integrated Pest Management

Want to keep the pests away without using chemicals? Practice integrated pest management! Learn what IPM is to how it helps prevent pest problems.
Powdery Mildew Powdery Mildew in the Garden

Do your plants look like they’ve been covered in baby powder? Chances are they’ve got a case of powdery mildew. Learn how to keep this nasty fungus at bay.
Don’t Let Junebugs Bug You


You know we’ve entered the nice-weather season when you’re enjoying a warm evening outside and then get hit in the head with a Junebug. While such an encounter can freak you out, the real horror behind these beetles occurs when they first emerge – as white grubs feeding on your lawn. Learn more about the life cycle and feeding habits of these mainly harmless behemoths of the insect world.

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Knockout Rose Plants That Take the Heat

Gardening through hot, dry summers can be tough, but it’s not impossible if you have the right plants. These heat-tolerant beauties can brighten up your summer gardens.
Low water garden Low Volume = Smart Irrigation

Whether or not your area struggles with drought, low-volume irrigation is smart practice. Learn the easy tips to low-volume watering and conserving a precious resource.
Sedge A Sedge Made for the Shade

If you need an easy shade plant but are tired of hosta, try variegated broadleaved creeping sedge. This well-mannered shade lover helps brighten up gloomy garden spots.