Leafspot Avoid Leaf Spot on Red Tips

Red tip photinia is a fast-growing shrub admired for its red leaves. Unfortunately, this pretty plant tends to suffer from Entomosporium leaf spot. Learn how to avoid it.
Soil To Bag or Not to Bag?

Soil needs to be pampered before you plant a fall garden. Learn how to care for your soil, as well as what amendments to incorporate into your environment.
Ladybugs Hire “Green” Pest Control

Chemically bombing pests isn’t good for you or the planet. If you’ve got a pest problem that’s grown out of control, find a “green” control company to help.
Juniperus Plant Deer-Resistant Evergreens

Oh, deer. Do you have the Bambi-is-eating-my-evergreens blues? Cheer up! There are some beautiful evergreen shrubs and trees that deer tend to leave alone.
Dandelion Stop a Weedy Situation

Eliminating pesky weeds now should help reduce seed germination in the future. Learn how to remove these unwanted plant invaders without encouraging more.