Drawer Planter Clever Container Concept

Renew, recycle, reuse – it can apply to your garden, too! Learn how to make a unique garden planter out of an old dresser drawer.
Lettuce Grow Your Salad Mix

Decorate your patio – and then your dinner table – by planting a color- and texture-filled container garden of mixed salad greens.
A Parent’s Introduction to Growums®


Whether you’re new to the vegetable garden scene or are a homegrown-produce pro, Growums is an incredible opportunity for Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa and any other adult with little sprouts in their lives to show children that food comes from a seed – and that they have the power to make it grow! Even if you’ve never grown a tomato yourself, be confident that you can successfully help your child grow an entire food garden (and have fun doing it)!

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Flower Photo Secrets to Great Garden Photography

A garden in full bloom is a thing of beauty, but all too fleeting. Capture the splendor of your favorite plants by taking brilliant pictures of them this year.
Trough Planters Trough it Out

Concrete troughs are made to withstand all weather and provide neat plants a wonderful place to grow. Learn how to make your own for a rock-solid container garden.
Lilacs Plant a Fragrance Garden

When designed correctly, a fragrance garden is as amazing to look at as it is to smell. Consider adding one in your back yard and grow to scent-sational heights!