Straw Bale Cold Frame Build a Straw Bale Cold Frame

Inexpensive straw bales can be used to create an effective cold frame for tender, young plants by insulating the leaves from winter temperatures.
Stone Marker “Rock of Ages” Plant Markers

It’s nice to know what’s growing in your garden, but keeping track of dormant perennials can be tricky. Stone plant markers are easy, attractive and helpful garden additions.
The Mane Attraction: Herbal Hair Care


Looking for another way to go green in your home? Try herbal hair-care products – the kind your grow yourself! Herbs provide a gentle, cost-friendly way to pamper your hair naturally, while providing variations for hair types and special conditions. With just a few ingredients, you can enhance the appearance of your locks, provide shine and fragrance, and improve the overall quality of your hair.

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Cards Greetings From Ma Nature

Create simple greeting cards for any time of year with the bounty from your garden. Dried flower petals and leaves are just the beginning for this fun craft!
Garden Shed Shed Some Light on Storage

One man’s garden shed is another man’s adventure into the world of construction. Learn what it took to create a nice-looking shed that fits well into the garden.
Homemade Applesauce Bottle Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous plants can be tricky to grow, but you can help them along with an easy bottle terrarium that lets you experiment with these fascinating beauties.