Hydrangeas Drying Hydrangeas

The end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of cut hydrangeas. These popular summer flowers dry well for natural fall décor – and hold up for years.
Jam Jam Session

Nothing tastes better on your morning toast than homemade jam from handpicked berries. This recipe is an easy, delicious way to enjoy your harvest year-round.
Easy Refrigerator Pickles

Refrigerator Pickles

Cucumbers are the coolest vegetables of the food-growing season. (And at about 30 calories per medium cuke, what’s not to like?!) This water-filled summer treat brings refreshment in many forms, from recipes to skin-healing concoctions. It even contains vitamin C and fiber (in the peel). If you’ve had your fill of traditional cucumber salads, dips and sandwiches, try this simple recipe for delicious refrigerator pickles!

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Peppers Enjoy Safety With the Harvest

Kids tend to eat more veggies when they’re the ones who help pick and prepare the harvest. Just make sure they know the kitchen safety rules first!
Planted Pavers Plantable Paving

Mild-climate gardeners can make a garden path the easy way: Lay pavers on a bed of sand. Leave a little room between stones for planting beauty.
Drawer Planter The Joys of Extra Produce

Sometimes herb and vegetable gardeners harvest more than they can eat. If this is you, consider sharing, saving or selling the fruits of your labor.