Water Gardening

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Aquatic Plants

Everything you need to know about selecting and caring for aquatic plants may be found in the Learn2Grow Plant Guide. Below are some of the most common plants that can add that perfect touch to your new water feature.

View Great Water Garden Videos

Looking for help in creating your new pond? Tetra has some great videos on You Tube.

You can find step-by-step instructions ranging from installing a simple preformed liner pond to creating a waterfall to enhance your water garden. Why not view these videos now?

Water Gardening

Does freeway noise spoil the quiet ambiance of your outdoor living areas? Maybe it's just the neighbor's blaring TV that drives you back indoors. Fear not, for there is indeed a way to solve these seemingly insurmountable problems – so you can return your backyard sanctuary to a more peaceful place to rest and renew.

The solution is water, and it's easier than ever before to incorporate into your outdoor living space and use its refreshing sound to mask the world outside. What's more, it's a great way to add a fabulous focal point to patio or landscape. Here are projects, ideas, and tips on installing, maintaining and enjoying a water feature.