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Annual Survivors of Sultry Southern Summers

Can’t handle the summer heat and humidity reminiscent of the equatorial jungle? Neither can many traditional summer plants. Fortunately, there are a number of hot-weather plants for the Southern garden. Learn about some pretty annuals that like the heat of July, August and September.


Annual Perfection With Colorful Coleus

Enjoy a colorful spring and summer with showstopping coleus! With hundreds of varieties to choose from, ranging in color, size and texture – as well as the ability to grow in sun or shade – coleus may just be the prefect annual.


Cuphea: A Real Firecracker

Firecracker plant is a tender perennial in warm regions and a great annual in others. The flowers may be tiny, but they bring a lot of bang to the garden! Give this beauty a try – its hot colors will make your containers sizzle.


Easy-to-Grow Cutflowers for Spring

It’s easy to grow your own cutflowers, and there’s one for every season. Let these three spring-blooming annuals help get your garden – and vases – flowering.


Easy-to-Grow Cutflowers for Summer

Who doesn’t love colorful cutflowers? But forget the florist – it’s easy to grow your own! Here are a few blooming winners sure to decorate your home this summer – inside and out.


Dragon Wing™ Begonia Takes Flight

Looking for a big, bright, long-blooming annual to add to your garden? Consider Dragon Wings™ begonia. This fabulous bloomer will take your container and planting beds soaring to new heights of color throughout the season.


Fabulous Field Poppies for Spring

There’s something very dreamy about a field filled with poppies and wildflowers dancing in the breeze. Why not bring that dream into garden reality? These sun-loving annuals are easy to plant and care for, and thanks to their seed, may possibly return for a repeat performance next year!


Feel the Heat With Hot Summer Annuals

Fiery hot annual color in summer beds and containers offers a sunny complement to the dog days of summer. Here are eight great hot-colored, heat-tolerant annual ornamentals for baked summer gardens.


Flowering Maple (Sounds Like a Tree…Grows Like an Annual)

The name may sound confusing, but flowering maple is actually a beautiful annual with fantastic flowers and lovely leaves. If you’re looking for something different to dress up a sunny spot this summer, give this pretty plant a try!


Heliotrope: Old-Fashioned Flower Power

Heliotrope is a Victorian era favorite that brings purple blooms and wonderful fragrance to the summer gardens of today. This pretty annual is so versatile, you can use it in flower beds, containers or hanging baskets!


Ivy Geraniums: Container Champions

Ivy geraniums make great container plants! Whether showing off their beauty alone or mixed with other annuals, they’re an absolute perfect selection for any container where you want a lovely cascade of blooms to spill out and welcome visitors.


Plant a Peck of Pretty Pansies

Pansies are the most popular cool-season bedding plant for the springtime garden. They’re available in a stunning array of colors to meet the needs of the most discerning gardener, and they just look blooming terrific in the landscape.


Perfect Pansies and Vibrant Violas

Pansies and violas are bright, bold plants that add color to beds, borders and bowls from fall till spring. Learn more about these cold-hardy annuals that add interest to gardens wherever winters are mild.


Profusion Zinnias: The New Colors for Fall

After demonstrating its fantastic landscape worth in the scorching heat of summer, Profusion Zinnias prove they’re great garden plants for fall, too.


Purple Princes for Your Garden

Annuals with purple foliage are easy to mix into a garden, and there are so many choices. They add a touch of royal color, as well as beautiful form – from stiffly upright to arching to branching.


Scent-sational Geraniums

Talk about aromatherapy! Scented geraniums can fill your garden with all kinds of wonderful fragrances by simply brushing against them. If you’ve got a high-traffic hot spot in your garden, try one of these easy-to-grow annuals. Then take the time to stop and smell the…geraniums.


Tried and True Shade Annuals

Brighten up your garden with five annuals that provide a punch of color in the often dark, dull shade.


The Tall & Short of Marigolds

Tall marigolds are great garden additions and make wonderful cutflowers, but you might not find them as started plants at your local garden center. The good news is you can start them from seed, so check out some of the best varieties – then get planting!


We “Heart” Foxglove

Looking for a real spring standout? At 4-feet-tall and covered in a long spike of purple flowers, foxglove is one plant you’re sure to fall in love with – after all, it’s got a lot of heart…and even helps them, too.


You’ll Eat These Annuals Up!

Gardeners don’t often think of ornamental herbs as annual additions to their flower beds, but these beautiful plants are known for their amazingly colorful (and tasty) blooms. Even better: They’re easy to grow and maintain!


Zinnias: The Carefree Cutflower

Create fresh and colorful summer floral arrangements with a plant that comes straight from your yard! Tall zinnia is an easy-to-grow annual that holds up well in heat and lasts long in arrangements.


Zonal Geraniums: Easy Color for the Garden

Looking for a great annual that comes in countless leaf styles and flower colors? Chances are you’ve already tried it! Zonal pelargoniums are the most commonly grown geranium – and probably one of the most popular annuals. Give this sun-loving beauty a try this season!

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