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Amaryllis: Big Bulb With Big Rewards

Amaryllis are easy to grow and spectacularly beautiful. Here are some tips on getting more blooms from your bulbs.


Amaryllis for Early, Mid- and Late Winter Bloom

Turn your drab winter colorful with a steady stream of amazing amaryllis blooms. Here’s how.


Daffodils are ‘Naturals’ in the Spring Garden

Daffodils are easy to plant and as they naturalize you have more daffodils every year.


Easter Lilies: Enjoyed at the Holidays, Resurrected in the Garden

Easter lilies provide holiday décor in churches and homes each spring. Caring for your Easter lily during the holiday, then enjoying it in the garden for years to come is easy and satisfying.


Eremurus: One Foxy Bulb

Looking for an unusual bulb to plant in fall that’s sure to dazzle your late spring/early summer garden? Foxtail lilies, striking bulbous-rooted plants from the Middle East, are long lived beauties in the garden if given the right location!


Fall-Blooming Bulbs

Autumn crocus, spider lilies and autumn daffodil are bulbs that can be planted in fall to bloom only a few weeks later.


Forcing Easter Lilies

Easter lilies bloom in June. It’s only through grower expertise that these beauties grace our homes and churches at Easter. Forcing the bulbs isn’t easy – and probably best left to the experts. But for the curious, here’s what it takes to bring this Easter favorite into early bloom.


Geophytes for Awesome Sites

Having a bloom-covered yard in early spring is just a few geophytes away! These amazing bulbous plants can easily naturalize in your lawn and open areas. Just plant them in fall and watch them grow the following spring!


Grape Hyacinth – Charming Little Bulb With Great Impact

They may be small, but these little bulbs welcome spring in a big way! Whether planted in a woodland setting or nestled in a rock garden, the bright hue and sweet fragrance of grape hyacinth will bring a springtime show you won’t soon forget.


Have a ‘Tete-a-Tete’

Of the many kinds of daffodils to grace our gardens, Narcissus ‘Tete-a-Tete’ is one of the best. Learn more about this attractive, early flowering miniature.


More Hardy Bulbs for the Southwest

Don’t give up the dream of growing hardy bulbs in your garden just because you live in the warm Southwest! Here are two beauties you can try that’ll bring wonderful color and interest to your yard for years to come.


Read My Tulips (All About Tulipa greigii)

The first species tulip introduced directly from the wild, Tulipa greigii is a showstopping winner in the springtime landscape, from flower beds to rock gardens.


Sicilian Honey Lily: Filling a Tall Order

Looking for an unusual bulb to set your garden apart from the crowd? Sure, there are lots to choose from, but Sicilian honey lily is a one-of-a-kind bloomer that grows taller than most.


Spring-Flowering Bulbs With Purpose

It’s that time of year to get into your garden and plant some bulbs for springtime blooms! Don’t know where to start? Consider this fun and practical list when buying your bulbs this fall.


Tough-as-Nails Hardy Cyclamen

Although hardy cyclamen resembles its fancy cousins from the florist, this fragile-looking little plant is mighty tough – blooming and flourishing in dry, shady sites under large trees and shrubs.


Tough Bulbs

If you’re a California gardener looking for bulbs that bloom year after year with little or no care, take a look at some of these lesser-known bulbs that do better in the state than the traditional tulip.


Yes…Hardy Bulbs for the Southwest!

Think just because you live in the Southwest that you can’t enjoy the beauty that bulbs bring to the garden? Think again!

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