Bright Ideas for Springtime Bulbs

Enjoying a colorful garden full of flowering bulbs come May means thinking spring long before the April showers! Learn when and how to plant spring-blooming bulbs now – and then get set to enjoy an instant show of rewarding color later.


Bulb Gardening Southern Style

Fall’s the perfect time of year for Southern gardeners to tuck lots of beautiful spring-blooming bulbs into their gardens. To get the best results, it’s important to know which bulbs do best in this part of the US, as well as where (and where not) to plant them.


Fall Into Bulb Mania

Yes, Old Man Winter is on his way. But before his icy grip takes hold, get out into your garden this fall and plant some spring-blooming bulbs. Do the work now, and you’ll be rewarded with a bevy of blooms later!


Forcing Bulbs for Winter Bloom

Fool your spring bulbs into winter bloom. You will add a touch of spring color to your indoor containers.


Spring on the Windowsill – at Any Time of Year

Looking to add indoor color during the cold season? Grow spring bulbs for winter flowers. Forcing bulbs indoors provides a planting fix when you can’t be in the garden and brightens your home décor. Learn what materials you’ll need, the procedure to follow and some recommended bulbs for forcing.


Tubs of Fun with Spring-Flowering Bulbs

Bulbs can be used just about anywhere, so don’t just sink them into the soil. Try layering your spring bloomers in a whiskey barrel or wheel barrow or milk crate. Their colorful spring blossoms will pop in just about any container you plant them in!

Regional Gardening Tips

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