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Amazing Aloes

Aloes are tough, easy-care plants that thrive in containers and difficult, dry conditions – and they do it with a whole lot of style! There are many beautiful aloes to choose from. Learn what the different types are before picking the best for you and your garden.


Awesome Agaves

The amazing sculptural qualities of agaves can make a dramatic statement in the yard. While a majority of these succulents thrive in warm, dry areas, a handful can do well in colder climates. Available in all shapes and sizes, there’s bound to be an agave for you!


Hardy Cacti – a Pricklypear Situation

You don’t have to live in the desert to grow a flowering cactus. Hardy pricklypear (Opuntia species) are unique and beautiful garden plants that can be enjoyed by northern and southern gardeners alike. Here are four common, easy-to-grow hardy cactus plants for home gardeners of all levels to try.


Living With Hens-and-Chicks (A Succulent Plant)

Hens-and-chicks are an easy succulent to grow indoors or out. Give them a try, and see how fun it is to start your own brood!


Low-Growing Sedums for High-End Results

Looking for a tough plant that can work in all kinds of difficult spots? Give low-growing sedums a try. Not only do these succulent beauties survive tricky garden spots, they look great doing it – and without much water!


Small Yuccas Can Enhance Any Garden Style

Whether mixed with shrubs and wildflowers, used as a dramatic accent or interplanted with cacti, small yuccas make a stunning contribution to the garden.


Super Succulents for Your Garden

Think garden succulents like yucca and agave are just for the desert? Not true! These water-wise “camels” of the plant world can grow almost anywhere (the trick is to find the right kind for your neck of the woods). Check out these great succulent plants – then let’s get growing!


Terrific Tall Sedums (Short on Flaws)

Looking for a cold hardy, water wise, late-season bloomer to carry your garden from summer into winter year after year? Search no further! Gorgeous tall sedums will keep your garden alive with four seasons of interest – and all with very little water!

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