A French Lesson in Intensive Planting

French intensive gardening isn’t for the faint of heart (or weak of back). But if you’re ready to do your homework and strain some muscles to lay the groundwork, you’ll be amazed at your bountiful – and beautiful – results!


A Tisket, a Tasket, Tomatoes for Your Basket

Why stick with growing tomatoes the old-fashioned way in the ground? Try growing them in the air! A little tomato starter plant can grow in a hanging basket and look just as nice as the typical flowers do (only with delicious results)!


Eating Your Way Through the Landscape

You don’t have to plant a vegetable garden to have an edible landscape. There are all kinds of edible plants you can integrate beautifully into your planting beds to give you something pretty to look at and delicious to munch on all season long.


Fresh Fall Veggies From Your Garden

Summer may be over, but the vegetable garden is just getting started. Crisp, sweet lettuce, tender peas and hearty baby carrots are just a few of the tasty treats you can grow in your autumn beds. With a little planning and some creativity, you can enjoy fresh veggies – and a beautiful kitchen garden – deep into fall.


Growing Mixed Greens – and Other Tasty Colors – Among the Flowers

Looking for the best spot to plant your veggies and other edibles this season? Look no farther than the closest flower bed! You may be surprised at how beautifully (and deliciously) they’ll mix in to provide fantastic color, texture and flavor!


Growing Tomatoes: Yes You Can!

Don’t let limited gardening space or a bad back stop you from growing your own tomatoes. Jim Wilson’s garbage can planter method is an easy and productive way to having a bountiful harvest. Gather your supplies, plant your favorite variety and enjoy amazing tomatoes you won’t want to trash!


It’s Hip to be Square Foot Gardening

Who says that vegetable gardening has to be backbreaking work over long rows? With Square Foot Gardening, you can grow small, efficiently planned gardens and produce lots of vegetables (and flowers) in just a small bit of space.


Making Room for Veggies

Don’t let limited gardening space stop your veggie-growing opportunities. As long as you have a sunny spot, you can grow a harvest-rich garden that’s low on square footage, as well as cost! Here are a few location ideas to help you start thinking outside of the back yard.


No-Fuss Veggie Planters

Looking for a new and easy way to grow vegetables, herbs and even flowers? Try one of these special self-watering containers designed to bring you pound after pound of healthy harvest – saving space, water and money to boot!


Plant a Row for the Hungry

Home gardeners can resolve to make a difference in their communities by planting extra vegetables to donate to area food banks and soup kitchens. Learn how to join other gardeners across the country to Plant a Row for the Hungry – and help meet a growing need.


Planting Fall Veggies in Summer (It Ain’t Over ’til the Corn Salad Sings!)

Have you ever longed for fresh greens in the middle of winter or put your vegetable garden to rest in fall, wishing your growing season lasted longer? Well, now you can have your arugula and eat it, too!


Seasoning Your Produce (for a Year-Round Harvest)

Yes, you can eat delicious and healthy produce from your garden year-round! The key is knowing what to plant and when to harvest (and how to store it all). Here’s the seasonal list to help you plan ahead.


Southern California: Plant to Eat Until Spring!

The high price of store-bought produce means more people are growing their own vegetables. Why not try growing your groceries, too? It’s fun and rewarding, and when summer nears its end, Southern Californians can plant a long list of veggies for great fall and winter eating!


Trying Hydroponics at Home

The science of hydroponics is nothing new, but being able to grow herbs and vegetables hydroponically in your own home sure is! Learn what this technology is all about, and how our author used the new AeroGarden® to give her the indoor garden of her dreams!


V is for Victory Gardens…and Veggies

Victory Gardens were a rallying response to war-time rations, but the idea is relevant today as we see a revival of homegrown vegetables. Start your own veggie garden by following these easy tips. You’ll save money, as well as have fresh produce that’s good for you and the environment!

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