A Good Egg(plant)…and Recipe

Eggplant is a widely recognized vegetable but not so widely used in everyday American fare. Growing eggplant is nearly effortless, and incorporating it into a familiar dish may be just the ticket for getting it on your family’s table.


Add Pepper (to Taste)

Peppers are easy to grow if given the right care and growing conditions. Plant a few hots, sweets or ornamentals this year and pepper your garden with great taste!


All Hail the Kale

Curly leafed kale isn’t just a nutritious, easy-to-grow garden vegetable – it makes a handsome, bold addition to the flower garden or in mixed containers.


Awesome Asparagus

Asparagus is easy to work into your vegetable garden but pretty enough to add to your home landscape. With a little patience, this delectable treat can be enjoyed each spring for years to come. Learn more about growing garden asparagus – and please your eye, as well as your palate.


Grow a Black Bean Fiesta

Delicious black beans are easy to grow, easy to cook and filled with good-for-you fiber. Make a little room for these tasty beans in your garden this year for hearty, heart-healthy flavor!


Broccoli: The Super Vegetable

When spring first arrives or summer is cooling, it’s time to plant crisp, delicious broccoli in your kitchen garden. This vitamin-packed vegetable is easy to grow, and with just a little protection from pests, you can be growing your way toward healthy eating habits!


Bush Bean Bounty

Bush beans are an easy-to-grow, delicious addition to the kitchen garden. Plant them early and enjoy a bountiful harvest of tender, tasty beans the whole family will enjoy!


Great Winter Veggies for California Gardeners

A thriving vegetable garden doesn’t have to end along with summer. Take a look at some great veggies that California homeowners can grow from fall into spring.


Growing Bell Peppers

The bell pepper is a delicious, healthy, heat-loving vegetable that’s easy to grow if you offer the growing conditions it needs to thrive. Learn some simple tips on how to grow bell peppers, then enjoy a colorful bounty – in and out of the garden!


Grow Your Own Potatoes!

Believe it or not, you can grow potatoes right in your own back yard. With a little planning and soil preparation, it won’t be long before your veggie bins are brimming with nutritious potatoes ready for all kinds of home-cooked goodness.


Grow Your Own Superfood: Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes require five months for production – essentially from spring to fall – but they’re worth the effort and wait! With proper sweet potato preparation and harvesting, you’ll be enjoying the rewards of this superfood in the garden, as well as in the kitchen!


Growing and Enjoying Summer Squash

Summer squash is a great addition to your kitchen garden. From yellow types to green zucchini, there are lots of easy-to-grow, colorful varieties for you to choose. All are delicious and will produce a bountiful harvest to savor and share all season long!


Heat Things Up – It’s Chile (Peppers) in the Garden!

Chile peppers come in many forms, colors and degrees of heat. Though technically an edible, some of these peppers are pretty enough to grow in pots or the flower garden.


Heirlooms: Tomato Treasures

Heirloom tomatoes are finding their place in the American garden and on the American table – and for good reason! Not only are these scrumptious survivors from our horticultural past a delight to grow, their seeds give gardeners repeat performances season after season!


Lettuce Grow and Enjoy

Why buy your salad when you can grow your own? Lettuce and other greens adore cool, refreshing weather, making them great for spring and fall veggie gardens. There are all kinds of varieties that are easy and delicious to experiment with, too. “Lettuce” look at some options…


Okra – Homegrown Taste of the South

Add some Southern style to your garden – and dinner plate – and grow Southern vegetables like okra! One of the quintessential ornamental vegetables for the garden, okra is hardy to zones 4-11, is one of the easiest to grow and keeps on giving from midsummer until first frost.


Pea Pointers

Green peas, snap peas and snow peas are delicious and healthy crops to grow at home – not to mention a great way to save money. While growing garden peas can seem a little tricky at first, once you’ve got the knack, you’ll be very “peased” with the results!


Planting and Storing Onions (Nothing to Cry About!)

Onions are an easy-to-grow, practically pest-free addition to any kitchen garden. Whether sweet or strong, white, yellow or red, imagine the delicious meals you can make or enhance with homegrown onions! Learn how to grow these flavorful veggies, as well as the proper way to store them.


Put Up Your Cukes!

Why spend money on cucumbers at the store when you can pick your own straight from the garden? Growing cukes is easy if you take the time to prepare for them. Learn the simple tips to cultivating garden cucumbers, and enjoy a bountiful harvest!


Red Cabbage – A Cool Veggie With a Bunch of Crunch

Easy to grow in spring or fall, red cabbage is a colorful veggie that adds interest in the garden and tasty crunch to salads, slaws and other dishes. Learn how to grow this cool-season veggie, as well as make a great slow-cooker recipe.


Sprouting Flavor: Growing Sprouts Indoors

Save money at the supermarket, eat healthy and expand your indoor green thumb: Grow sprouts. Alfalfa, bean and broccoli sprouts grow quickly and easily right in your kitchen, adding crunch, vitamins and flavor to your meals. Learn how to grow them…and a tasty way to stir-fry them up!


Strong to the Finish, ’Cuz You Grow Your Spinach

Spinach is a great nutritious vegetable that can be grown in the spring or fall garden. Here are some tips on growing this leafy plant, as well as a little background on how the veggie came to our tables – from Persia to Popeye.


Swiss Chard – A Versatile Veggie

If you haven’t tried Swiss chard, you don’t know what you’re missing! Delicious, easy to grow, packed with vitamins and decorative to boot, it’s one underappreciated leafy green vegetable that’s a must-have for American dinner tables.


Ten Tasty Heirloom Tomatoes

If you’ve always wanted to try growing heirloom tomatoes but had no idea where to start, check out this list of some of the best-tasting, easy-to-grow varieties. These delectable old-timers are guaranteed to please your taste buds, wow your neighbors and not stress you out in your garden!


The Versatile Tomato Moves Indoors

Don’t let Old Man Winter stop you from having fresh tomatoes during the cold season! Here’s how to grow them indoors.


Try the Fungi (Growing Mushrooms…Making Sauce)

Whether you buy an indoor kit or plant a log outdoors, growing mushrooms is a fun science project. The best part is: You can eat the results! Learn how one indoor kit proved particularly successful, as well as how to prepare a delicious mushroom sauce for grilled chicken.


Which Tomato is Right for Me?

How do you get started growing tomatoes? The first thing to do is to pick what kind of tomatoes to grow, and to do that, you’ll need to know the lingo.


Yam I Am (Not): The Identity Crisis of the Sweet Potato

Though the sweet potato is a native American vegetable, it’s often mislabeled, leading to consumer misinformation. Let’s see if we can’t set the record straight – what is the difference between a yam and a sweet potato?

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