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And the Award Goes to… (2010 All-America Selections Winners)

Each year, All-America Selections announces its picks for the best flowers and veggies nationwide. So when you see that AAS logo on a seed packet, rest assured you’ve found the “best of.” Provide the proper growing conditions, and you’re bound to find these plants winners in your garden, too!


Baring All: A Bare-Root Primer

Bare-root plant material is an inexpensive alternative to container-grown plants – but don’t wait, or you’ll be too late! Winter is the time to bare all.


Container Mania: Why Sizes Differ and What to Look For

When is a 2-gallon plant not a 2-gallon plant? It depends on the container. Know what to look for on a plant’s container label – and get what you pay for!


Hardy Perennials as Annuals

Without a cold winter to help them rest up for spring and summer, hardy perennials in California and other similar regions often suffer in dry summers. Give your garden a boost by using traditional perennials as annuals instead.


How to Choose a Healthy Plant

Having a healthy garden starts with choosing healthy plants. Learn what to look for when it comes to proper plant selection.


Hot Plants for SoCal Gardens

It can be hard to pick the perfect plants for Southern California’s many mini-climates, but the options are beautiful! Check out a few great introductions – from veggies to flowers – that can bring color, interest and delicious produce to your SoCal garden.


Plant the Seed…or Seedlings?

You’ve got many decisions when starting a garden – what to plant being one of them. Many home gardeners struggle with whether to plant seed or seedlings (or “started plants”). Learn the difference between these two options, then choose the best route for you.


Space Invaders (A Lesson in Invasive Plants)

We hear a lot about invasive species, but what should a gardener know about them? Learn what you can do to help ensure these space invaders don’t get out of hand in your neck of the woods…and beyond.


SeedBallz®: Growing Flowers the Easy – and Affordable – Way

Home gardeners dream of filling their yards with color, but sometimes the budget doesn’t allow us to turn that dream to reality. Thanks to SeedBallz®, affordable flower gardens are within our reach. Learn how these unique products for garden and home can help enhance your outdoor living experience.


The “Darwinian Garden” – Survival of the Fittest Plants

When it comes to thriving natural gardens, it’s survival of the fittest…plants. If you want your garden to last (and last) without much care from you, take a tip from Charles Darwin: Stick with tough surviving plants.

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