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Houseplants: They don’t talk back, and they make your home seem more inviting. (Need we say more?) This section is dedicated to our special indoor houseguests, including what to grow and how to care for them.

What's Inside


If you want your houseplants to thrive (as most people do), pick easy-to-care-for plants, the proper potting mix and the right container. Sounds easy, right? It can be – let these articles show you how!


Indoor Foliage

Who says a cool houseplant has to bloom? From the classic fern to the sword-like leaves of the snake plant, indoor foliage offers texture, pattern and interest to a home's décor.



A blooming houseplant lights up room, as well as one's spirits. Check out some of these flowering favorites, including the popular African violet, the easy-to-grow Spathiphyllum and more!


Care & Maintenance

Keeping an eye on your houseplants regularly and giving them the proper care they require goes a long way in maintaining the beauty of your living décor.

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