Care & Maintenance


Growing Glorious Gardenias

Adored for their fragrant, waxy flowers, gardenias can be a snap to grow in and out of the garden – as long as you know the tricks to their culture and care.


Got it Made When Growing Jade

Jade plants are tough, easy-to-care-for houseplants that work well as tabletop decor or can be allowed to grow large enough to become floor specimens. Here’s a look at how to care for this indoor succulent, as well as a few tips for propagating it.


Houseplant Makeover Tips

As long as you’re stuck indoors, you might as well keep your green thumb active and your houseplants happy. Learn some easy tips to giving indoor plants extra care – so when you return to your outdoor gardening adventures, your houseplants are prepared to survive a season of neglect.


How Often Do I Need to Water?

To water, or not to water…it’s a burning question, but we’ve got the answer. Learn how to assess the thirst level of your houseplants to keep them happy and healthy.


Is Your Water Too Salty?

Those brown margins on your houseplants’ leaves may be a hint that something’s wrong with the water you feed them with: Chances are it’s got too much salt. And just like with people, too much salt can be bad for a plant’s health.


Midwinter Houseplant Clinic

Learn2Grow asked our newsletter readers to pose midwinter houseplant questions to our plant doctors. Here are some of your common questions – and our answers – to help you gain green-thumb success with your indoor beauties.


Movin' On Out

Many indoor plants make great additions to outdoor planters. If you’re tired of the same old, same old with annuals, why not add new interest to the mix with some tried-and-true houseplants?


Movin’ Your Houseplants Back Indoors

It’s fall, and if you’ve got plants that enjoyed a nice outdoors summer vacation, it’s time to bring them back indoors. Make their transition easier with some helpful tips!


Treat Your Houseplants to a Summer Vacation

Everyone enjoys a summer vacation – so do your houseplants. Follow these simple steps to help your indoor plants get the most out of the great outdoors. (They may not send you a postcard, but they’ll bring you back a great souvenir – lush growth!)


Winter-Healthy Houseplants

Your plants don’t like the cold any more than you do. Learn how to give your indoor garden a little extra winter plant care by adjusting the temperature, humidity, light, water and fertilizer they’re exposed to. You – and your winter houseplants – will be glad you did!

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