Amazing African Violets

African violets are an indoor favorite, but they can be a bit temperamental for even veteran houseplant lovers. Read on to discover how to keep your African violets healthy, happy and bloomin’ beautiful!


Clivia: The Houseplant for Springtime Blooms!

Yearning for colorful springtime blooms inside your home? Try easygoing, easy-growing clivia! This houseplant's bountiful, beautiful flowers welcome the spring season and brighten up any corner of a room.


Holiday Cactus

Bring holiday cacti into bloom for your yuletide celebrations, then enjoy this easy-care houseplant for the rest of the year.


Indoor Blooms for the Winter Blues

Winter blooming houseplants offer solace to many gardeners suffering through the cold months. Even better: Some plants require only a few considerations for perfect flowers that last from winter to early spring.


Shamrocks: A Wee Touch O’ the Irish

Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! Even the holiday’s most beloved plant – the South American shamrock – gets in on the celebration! So don your green, stew up some corned beef and cabbage – and get a bit of the Irish luck with this easy-to-grow houseplant.


Spathiphyllum: Simple and Sensational

Some houseplants are difficult to grow, while others are just plain easy. Near the top of the “easy list” is Spathiphyllum – or peace lily. This simple, beautiful tropical plant brings interest to just about any indoor space.

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