Indoor Foliage


Add an Aglaonema

Chinese evergreens have a lot to offer the great indoors, whether it’s your home or office! Not only does this plant come in different varieties with all kinds of interesting foliage, they’re easy to care for and are pretty forgiving, too!


Air Plants: A Good Option for Indoors

Got a black thumb when it comes to houseplants? Try an easy-going air plant instead, and turn that black thumb green!


Be Smart When Growing Dumbcanes

Dumbcanes are easy-to-grow, colorful houseplants that do well in most homes. Just keep them away from small children and pets, who could be injured by this toxic plant!


Crassula ovata – Tough as Jade

The jade plant is a tough succulent houseplant that’s easy-to-grow and hard to kill. Learn more about this drought-tolerant beauty – from ornamental characteristics to CAM photosynthesis.


Hangin’ With the Foliage

Sure, those big, blooming hanging baskets are tempting, but let’s not forget the value of foliage! These five favorites can enhance your porch, gazebo or shepherd’s hook with cascading color and texture, as well as bring new life to your indoor décor.


Indoor Exotic Plants

Boring leafy houseplants got you down? Mix it up with exotics! Here’s a look at some fun indoor plants for you to try.


Making Way for ‘Silver Bay’

Chinese evergreens are some of the best houseplants for low-light situations. New generations of this old standby, such as ‘Silver Bay’ Chinese evergreen, offer good branching characteristics; large, showy leaves; and cool-temperature tolerance.


Men are From Mars, Venus Flytraps are From the Carolinas

You bought a Venus flytrap as a fun plant “pet,” and now you’re wondering how to keep it alive. Well, forget about pampering it like your other houseplants. Learn what your interesting carnivore needs so you can enjoy it as long as possible. (Hint: It doesn’t involve hamburger meat.)


No-Worry Nephthytis

Want an undemanding plant to brighten up your home? Think nephthytis! It's one of the easiest small houseplants to maintain, doesn't need a lot of room, and it survives all manner of neglect without being worse for the wear!


Snake Plant: All Beauty and No Bite

Just beginning your quest to grow houseplants? Take on snake plant! This easy-to-grow beauty is a great start for new gardeners – and a famed favorite for experienced green thumbs.

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