A Splash of Color: Gardening Poolside

Landscaping around a pool doesn’t have to be an elaborate project. A few poolside containers and decorative comforts are really all you need to add color and interest. Learn some easy and affordable ways to decorate around a pool, then jump into the swimming season with a festive splash!


Chain Reaction

When a back yard hands you a chain-link fence, make a garden… Learn how one experienced home gardener fenced in a common design challenge by unleashing her imagination to create a beautiful landscape that’s off the chain.


Creating a Woodland Garden

Turn your back yard into a natural-looking woodland escape – and preserve the beauty of native plants in the process.


Designing With Perennials

Designing a perennial garden is fun and rewarding. Here are a few tips to help get your growing masterpiece on its way.


Easy Garden Design With Swatch Boards

Fabulous garden planning can be as easy as jumping online! Here’s how one professional landscape designer uses the “swatch board” concept of the interior decorating trade to create her beautiful plantings. Try it yourself – and create your own spectacular garden with year-round interest.


Firescaping: A Design Theory for Home Protection

If you live in an area that’s at risk for wildfires, this article is a “must read, must heed.” Not only can firescaping beautify your home, it may help reduce the damage from an encroaching fire.


Garden Design Tips

Don’t know where to start with your yard? Take some simple garden design tips from professional designer, Tres Fromme. By putting your plants and planting beds where you can see and enjoy them most, you can turn an ordinary garden into a beautiful part of your everyday life!


Gardening From the Kitchen Table

Winter’s the perfect time to plan your garden for the season ahead. Spend those chilly months with the right tools, time and a little research, then come spring you’ll be ready to jump right in with your design – and make this your best growing season yet!


Getting the Best Design for Your Landscape

For some homeowners, designing their own garden is intimidating. (Enter the professional.) But before you just pick any landscape designer out of the phone book, consider asking – and answering – some of these questions to help make the garden of your dreams a reality.


Getting Your Garden Design on Paper

Large or small, great gardens start with getting your ideas down on paper. Once you’ve got your property plotted out, you can lift the lid on your imagination so your garden can grow to its fullest potential – and your heart’s desire!


I Love Thee, I Love Thee Knot

Planted in particular patterns, knot gardens evoke romance and allure, and the amazing textures and colors of today’s plant palette help produce some outstanding designs. Check out what designer Tammy Clayton has created, or invent your own designs. Either way, the knot garden is one style sure to delight!


Landscaping Your Home – How to Really Sell It!

Trying to sell your house? Remember, first impressions are crucial, and your landscape speaks volumes for the rest of your home. Set your house apart from others – create curb appeal with some easy, affordable and simple garden design ideas. (You’ll be surprised at the difference an upgrade can make!)


Native Landscaping: Rules to Grow By

Gardening with native plants can get confusing – but once you get growing, it can be an amazing adventure! Before you start, consider how far you’re willing to take this gardening theme, as well as how you’d like to use these gorgeous plants in your yard.


Planning a Gorgeous Kitchen Garden

Who says you have to plant your vegetables in straight rows?! With a little planning, you can create gorgeous kitchen gardens that’ll rival the beauty of your flower beds and produce plenty of tasty treats to enjoy almost year-round!


Small Gardens: Less Is More

A small garden is like a snapshot: You see it all at once. There really isn’t room for errors, but don’t be overwhelmed. The best way to design a beautiful, personal space is just to follow this easy rule: Keep it simple.


Tell a Story With Garden Design

Designing your own garden may sound intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Use these basic principles to pull your landscape together and tell a beautiful story with grace and style.


Test-Driving Your Garden Design

Don’t know exactly how you want your garden to grow? Try out different designs right on your lawn with surveyor’s flags and paint. By “drawing” your beds on the grass, you can experiment to see which design looks best and meets all your outdoor living needs!


Xeriscaping – Not Zero-Scaping

Be water-wise and beautiful. Use the “Seven Principles of Xeriscaping” to create a yard that is aesthetically pleasing, saves water and is easy on the wallet.

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