Lawn Problems


Chinch Bugs Can Suck the Life Out of Your Lawn

Found throughout the US, chinch bugs are tiny attackers that can cause great damage to lawns. Learn what these pests can do to your grass – and what you can do to keep them from sucking the life out of it.


Methods for Controlling White Grubs

High populations of white grubs in the lawn can turn into a yard-lover’s nightmare. Learn some different control methods for treating these pests in your lawn.


Remove the Dandelion…Keep the Dandy-lawn

The broadleaf beast of the yard may look harmless enough to the untrained eye, but the dandelion is more than just a pretty little plant pest – it can be downright insidious. Learn how to get rid of this roaring yard buster.


Control Your Grubs This Fall!

Grubs are one of the most common turf problems out there, and if you believe spring is the best time to get at them – think again. Remember, late summer and early fall are when the pests are small – and the easiest to get rid of!


Not-So-Fanciful Fairy Rings

Fairy rings, those not-so-magical circles of mushrooms, are common in lawns following spring and summer rains. While they certainly destroy the appearance of your lush, green lawn, the good news is they won’t hurt it.


Southern Chinch Bugs: Watch Your Stolons!

Southern chinch bugs are one of the most serious pests of St. Augustine grass in the US. Learn how to spot – and stop – these pests before they wreak havoc with your lawn.


Gettin’ Grubby: The Basics of White Grubs

Grubs in your lawn can be a serious problem. Learn how to prevent them, as well as when you need to treat.


The Lawn Battle With Fall Armyworms

Caterpillars that eat grass? Yes – a whole army of them! If your Southern lawn is suffering from brown patches in autumn, it may be under attack by fall armyworms. Learn how to identify whether this pest has invaded your turf, and if so, what to do about it.

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