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A Product Primer for Spring Lawns

Great lawns begin in spring – when you’re more than ready to go outside and get the work done. Learn about the different types of lawn-care products available that can help you and your grass get off to a healthy start – and a lush, green season!


Caring for Your Lawn Organically

Do you keep your lawn green with a steady diet of synthetic chemical fertilizers and toxic herbicides? If so, it’s time to make the switch to a more natural way to care for your yard – one that’s healthier for the environment, too. Get started with these six earth-friendly steps.


Core Aeration: A Key to Lawn Success

Give your lawn room to breathe! Learn the importance of proper lawn aeration and enjoy a healthy, green yard.


Fertilizer Application for Lawns

Learn the basic guidelines and technique for fertilizing lawns.


Green Up Your Warm-Season Turf

It’s hard work keeping your grass green where the weather is warm and the sun shines almost year-round. But by following the tricks of basic turfgrass care, the greenest grass can be on your side of the fence. Learn how to care for warm-season lawn.


Late Summer Lawn Care

Save your turfgrass from late summer drought! Learn some easy steps you can take to get your lawn through the remainder (and worst) of summer’s heat – and help prepare it to grow lush and green come spring.


Multipurpose Fertilizers: Are Additives Worth the Costs?

Slow-release fertilizers and combination fertilizers often cost more. It’s up to you, as an educated consumer, to determine if the cost is worth the convenience.


Prepping Your Warm-Season Grass for Winter

If you’ve got warm-season grass, September is the time to winterize your lawn! Weeding, fertilizing, aeration, overseeding and mowing are all part of a good fall grass maintenance program to ensure your turf returns beautifully next spring.


Renovating Your Lawn

Have you been toughing it out with a less-than-desirable lawn for the past few months? Late summer through early fall is the ideal time to establish a new lawn. So get started now and prepare your toes for some barefoot-in-the-grass action!


Spring Lawn Care

Everyone loves a lush, green lawn in spring. Learn how to keep your grass thriving throughout the season.


Summer Lawn Care in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic

Everyone loves a lush, green lawn. Learn how to beat the heat of summer and keep your grass thriving all season.


Three Steps to Fall Lawn Care

For homeowners in the Rocky Mountain west, early fall is the best time to revitalize the lawn. Learn the three steps to an effective fall lawn care program, and enjoy a lush lawn next spring!


Winterizing Your Lawn Care Equipment

Fall’s crisp weather signals it’s time to start wrapping up your lawn care routine. There’s just one thing left: Winterize your equipment before storing it for the season. Tackle these basic maintenance chores now, so your machines will be ready to roar on the first day of spring!

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