Organic Gardening Techniques


Companion Planting: Love/Hate Relationships in the Garden

Plants, like humans, have their likes and dislikes when it comes to their neighbors. “Companion planting” encompasses a variety of practices that, while often not well understood, seem to encourage growth and discourage pests.


Fighting Garden Pests Naturally

Prefer not to spray for garden insects? There are a number of natural ways to fight off unwanted garden pests. Try these few simple suggestions to start practicing no-chemical insect control and to stop being bugged.


Getting Started With Organic Pest Management

Interested in controlling your pests organically? This primer can get you started on the path to a healthy garden.


Herbs: Guardians of the Garden

Herbs don’t just enhance the taste of food, they can improve the look and health of your entire garden! Learn which plants can help keep certain pests from invading – and protect your favorite flowers and vegetables with the power of herbal goodness!


Herbs: The Natural Insect Repellent

When the herbs are away, some pests will play. But certain herbs have the power to repel flies, moths, mosquitoes and other pests. Even better, they’re safe repellents for your family, as well the environment! Learn which handy plants can help and how to use them.

Regional Gardening Tips

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