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A Touch of Grass – New Grasses (and Grasslike Plants)

Low-maintenance ornamental grasses make great accent plants or can be used on their own to create a wonderfully textured landscape. If you’re looking for something new and beautiful to add to your garden, check out these 2008 introductions.


Fill It With Millet!

Ornamental plants come in many forms – why not a field crop? It may sound surprising, but one of the world’s oldest cultivated grains is actually a great annual addition to the garden. Learn more about pearl millet, and how this attractive grass can bring unique interest to your landscape.or


Lindheimer Muhly: A Grass for All Seasons

If you’re looking for a nice fall plant, consider Lindheimer muhly. While this ornamental grass holds year-round interest in the landscape, its most attractive season arrives when the days shorten and temperatures drop.


Mexican Feather Grass

Mexican feather grass is a tough, drought-tolerant plant that works well as a groundcover or in a naturalized landscape. Learn more about this graceful, easy-to-grow ornamental grass, then introduce it to your garden.


Miscanthus sinensis: A Graceful Fair Maiden

Maiden grass is one of the most common ornamental grasses used in American gardens, and for good reason: Not only does it put on a fantastic fall show, it’s vigorous, easy-to-grow and adds a grace and texture provided by few other plants.


Mondo: The Little Grass That Could

Looking for an alternative to Liriope – or just a new evergreen beauty? Consider mondo grass. While slow-spreading, this small ornamental grows in sun or shade, offering tiny, blue flowers in late summer and a wonderful green texture to keep your garden attractive through the bleak winter months.


Ornamental Grasses for Fall

Certain ornamental grasses can produce striking effects from fall into winter. Here’s a look at two of them.


Pampas Grass – Large and in Charge!

A big, showy beauty, pampas grass is a popular ornamental sure to be the highlight of your garden. Its tall plumes and graceful foliage make it hard to miss – and an overall winner.

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