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Eleven Hardy Palms

Palms are known for their tall trunks, fan-shaped leaves and knack for creating a tropical paradise. But many of these plants are more hardy than you might expect. Let’s visit a paradise of hardy palms.


Tropical Houseplants: An Indoor Palm Reading

If you like tropical houseplants and are interested in adding some elegance to your interior décor, give indoor palms a try. While growing a container palm may sound intimidating, there are a handful of houseplant palms that are affordable and easy to maintain.


Tropical Tastes at the Palm of Your Land

Trying to pick a landscape palm? The trick is to select the right one for your region and site’s conditions. Here are 10 easy-to-grow palm trees for the home landscape. These beauties tolerate tough conditions, work well in the garden and are just the right size.

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