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About Perennials

Blooming perennials are the dazzlers of the garden. Available in nearly every color, size and shape, they brighten the landscape and fill boring spaces. The best part? Keep them happy and healthy, and your perennials will come back for more – year after year.

What's Inside

Perennials Basics

“What's a perennial and how do I use it?” If you've ever asked this question, you're not alone! Check out the basics behind this well-loved (but often misunderstood) plant group.


Featured Plants

From winter-hardy hellebores to heat-loving bloomers, there's a perennial out there that's perfect for your garden's needs. Check out some great perennials recommended by our gardening experts.



Planting your perennial garden isn't that difficult. The trick is to find the right perennial for the right place, then plant it correctly. The articles in this section can teach you how.


Care & Maintenance

Perennials continue to perform in the garden year after year – but only if you take care of them. Perennial care and maintenance is an important step in keeping your growing investment healthy and beautiful.

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