Care & Maintenance


Divide Perennials Before They Conquer

Many popular perennials must be divided in order to do well in (or not take over) the garden. Learn how to use a sharp spade to cut the clumps apart and spread the perennial love.


Extreme Midsummer Perennial Makeovers

Reblooming perennials look amazing in early summer when their colorful flowers are at their peak. But a few weeks later, the freshness starts to fade. Perk up your weary midsummer garden by giving your beloved perennials a makeover – and enjoy the next flowering show in late summer and fall!


Perennial Care & Maintenance

Your perennials have been planted – now what? Use these basic care tips as a guide for keeping your gorgeous growers looking their best.


When to Cut Back Your Perennials

Which perennials should you leave standing until spring, and which should you cut back? While there aren’t any hard-and-fast rules on the subject, here are some tips to help you get the most from your garden.

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