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A Coneflower Craze for Your Gardening Ways

It seems all the world loves coneflowers. Echinacea – a beautiful butterfly magnet – has come a long way since its original purple and pink blooms. Check out some of the fascinating new 2008 introductions!


Award-Winning Beauty Seeks Garden to Share Blooms With (Meet ‘Rozanne’)

Looking for a gorgeous perennial that offers all kinds of seasonal interest? Give ‘Rozanne’ cranesbill a try. This award-winning, low-maintenance geranium is simply stunning, dressed in violet-blue blooms from early summer to the first frost.


Bear’s Breech: Architectural Interest in the Shade

Acanthus mollis foliage has been used by Western architects and artists for centuries to adorn classical architecture and currency. Though we see these leaves everywhere in our daily lives, few know much about this bold evergreen perennial that can add great textural elements to the shade garden.


Beautiful Fern

The classic fern is a wonderful front porch staple. But this industry standard and its many new varieties make for great houseplants and landscape additions, too.


A Blue Hue for Your Spring (Even Fall) Garden

Welcome spring with a profusion of cheery blooms! ‘Georgia Blue’ creeping Veronica is a gorgeous, hardy, early spring bloomer that’s great for rock gardens or creating drifts of bright color. (Even better: It repeats its flower show in fall!)


Bulbine: a Long-Lost Beauty on the Market

Bulbine is a drought-tolerant, flowering container plant that also shines in landscapes. Some warm-region gardeners can use it as a perennial, while those in other areas can treat it as an annual. Whether used for the rock garden, mixed border or container, this bloomer is a Proven Winner®!


Candy for the Garden

It’s a garden toughie with a sweet little name. Candytuft is a hardy plant that keeps pathways and borders looking pretty in spring, and works hard as a groundcover when planted in mass.


Celebrate ‘Autumn Joy’

‘Autumn Joy’ sedum is low-maintenance perennial that offers something pretty to look at year-round, but watch out come fall: The changing bloom color of this already-attractive succulent is a real showstopper!


Cranesbill: A Great Geranium for Northern Gardens

Call it Geranium, cranesbill or wild geranium – this is one perennial that works great in just about any type of garden. Enjoy a mounded splash of color in spring and summer with this pretty bloomer.


Hellebores: A Winter-Blooming Perennial

Winter bloomers are somewhat elusive, but hellebores are a perennial favorite.


Japanese Anemone: A Perennial to Fall For

Tired of the same old chrysanthemums every autumn? Pick up your fall garden with Japanese anemone! This beautiful fall-blooming perennial can add a new flair to the seasonal perennial border.


The Joys and Yarrows of Achillea

If you love dried flowers and herbs, Old World yarrow is a perfect perennial – especially for hot, dry climates. With natural pest resistance and a fascinating history, this easy-to-grow plant will amaze you with its vigorous nature and season-long beauty.


Liriope Lovelies

Southern gardens are defined by Liriope, a gorgeous grasslike perennial with tiny, pretty summer blooms. With all sorts of varieties available, it shouldn’t be hard to find the perfect one to add to your own borders, flower beds or ground-covered area for a touch of Southern style.


Ragin’ Cajun Louisiana Irises

Add a little Southern flavor to your water garden with Louisiana irises. These beardless natives are easy-to-grow, thrive in water, and adore sun or partial shade. (And the colors are spectacular!)


“Mum’s” the Word

The chrysanthemum is a popular flowering plant for fall. Proper plant selection and care can extend the enjoyment of this great perennial.


Myrtle Spurge: Handle (and Plant) With Care!

Myrtle spurge is a tough, low-maintenance, sprawling perennial that adds color and texture – but be careful! This beauty’s sap can cause severe allergic reactions in some people (so always wear gloves when handling it), and the plant’s been named a noxious weed in Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Utah.


Peonies: Garden Royalty

Peonies are popular perennials, prized as cutflowers and as overall garden beauties. Learn how to get this royal winner established in your garden.


Perennial Herbs & Flowers That Take the Heat

Things can really heat up in summertime, but can your garden handle it? Adding the right herbs and perennial flowers to your warm-season beds can bring color and beauty to your landscape year after year – even when Mom Nature sends a hot, dry scorcher your way.


Powerful Perennials

Who wouldn’t want an award-winning perennial in their garden? In an effort to promote outstanding plants in the Sunshine State, the Florida Nursery, Growers & Landscape Association sponsors its Plants of the Year program. Here’s a look at four past winners sure to please in warm climates.


Southeastern Shade Lovers (for the Southeast and Beyond)

Looking for the right perennial to fit into those shady, natural areas in your garden? Here are three carefree shade-lovers to brighten up your yard and give you long-lasting enjoyment.


Three Easy-Care Perennials

New gardeners interested in planting perennials should give these three easy-care plants a try for seasonal interest.


Toad Lily Awesome!

You don’t have to kiss this toad to reveal a perennial prince – toad lilies are already charming as they are! Try this beautiful, unique fall bloomer in your shady garden, and you’ll find it’s a royal winner.

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