The end of winter is marked by the arrival of some wonderful flowering plants: crocus, daffodils, miniature Dutch iris – and one of my favorites, ‘Georgia Blue’ creeping Veronica (Veronica umbrosa ‘Georgia Blue’).

Veronica and Daffodils

The beautiful blue flowers of ‘Georgia Blue’ create a lovely carpet around bright yellow daffodils.

Photo Credit: Mary Moore

Flowering Veronica

‘Georgia Blue’ has a wonderful spreading habit that works well in rock gardens.

Photo Credit: Mary Moore

Fall veronica foliage

The small, green leaves of ‘Georgia Blue’ take on rusty tones when the first frost hits.

Photo Credit: Mary Moore

Perhaps not as well-known as two of its taller cousins, spike or gentian speedwell, ‘Georgia Blue’ forms a hardy, low-growing groundcover with pretty blue flowers that have rings of white in their centers. These attractive little blossoms bloom profusely in spring, about the same time the daffodils start to appear. But there’s more: ‘Georgia Blue’ will bloom again in fall when the weather cools, and its leaves take on deep rusty tones in winter. (In fact, in moderate climates, the rust-colored leaves are still around when the flowers come alive in spring!) With a little care, ‘Georgia Blue’ will thrive in zones 4-9.

An excellent candidate for rock gardens, ‘Georgia Blue’ has a spreading habit and grows gently around and over rocks. It thrives in full to partial sun and requires very little maintenance. It’s particularly attractive when planted in groups and allowed to grow together to form drifts of color. The plant’s cool blue adds a lovely contrast to the bright yellows and reds of spring bulbs. And when the blossoms disappear, the small, green foliage forms a lovely backdrop for the stars of your summer garden.

To keep your drifts of ‘Georgia Blue’ looking their best, be sure to give the plantings good drainage. Light feedings with a balanced fertilizer encourage blooming in both spring and fall. If you live in an area where summer weather is temperate, you may find this plant occasionally blooming in summer as well, luring in butterflies for a tasty treat along with Salvia, Buddleja (butterfly bush), Lantana and any other plants in your garden that the winged beauties can feed on.

So try this lovely, easy-to-grow perennial in a sunny corner of your garden. It’ll help you ring in each new growing season with beautiful bright-blue blossoms, as well as usher your garden out in fall with another round of flowers and earth-toned foliage. No matter the season, you’re sure to enjoy the cool hue of ‘Georgia Blue’ for years to come!