How to Harvest Seed

Instead of buying more seed of the same plants you have growing in your garden, consider harvesting it from the plants you already have. Collecting seed is easy – and it’s a great way to fill your garden with more of your favorite bloomers.


Learn How to Air Layer

Typically done in early spring, air layering is a great way to propagate – especially if you’ve got difficult-to-root plants. Not only is it easy to do, chances are you’ve already got all the supplies you need just lying around the house.


Orange You Curious to Try This?

It doesn’t take much to get a child’s gardening imagination growing. The next time you’re eating an orange, save some seeds and try germinating them – just like our 6-year-old author did with her grandpa!


Quick and Easy Fern Propagation

Ferns are the poster child of plant reproduction via spores, but there’s an easier, faster method to grow your own. (Even better, caring for baby ferns is almost as easy as harvesting them!)


Small Wood Flats for Easy Seed Sowing

Small wood flats make sprouting seed easy – and they’re more decorative than ugly plastic flats. Here’s how you can make your own.


SOS – Save Our Seeds!

We don’t often think about saving seeds anymore – especially since it’s so easy to buy new packs from the store. But harvesting seed from our choice plants is a great way to promote sustainability and preserve the best of what our gardens have to offer! Learn how.


Success With Stem Cuttings

Propagation by stem cuttings is one of the most common ways to produce new plants. While there are a few special requirements to promote root growth from a piece of stem, it’s not that difficult to do – and you can grow your garden with time and patience instead of money.


Yes, You Can Do This: Propagating Succulents

Propagating a plant may sound intimidating, but it’s a snap with succulents. Give this practically goof-proof method a try and expand your gardening skills – as well as your plant collection.

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