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About Roses

They’re one of the most popular plants nationwide. And when you know how to properly plant, grow and take care of this diverse group of bloomers, you’ll come out smelling like a…successful gardener. (What did you think we’d say?)

What's Inside


A rose by any other name might smell as sweet…but only if it's a fragrant one. Different roses hold different characteristics – from the modern shrub rose to the elegant climber. Check out the differences here – and more!


Featured Plants

No two roses are alike, and the articles in this section can prove it. Learn more about the special bloomers our gardening experts and rosarians enjoy, including Rocky Mountain favorites and environmentally-friendly roses.



The flowers may look similar, but the planting method can change. Learn the tricks to successfully planting roses, whether you're growing them in a container or going bare-root in the garden.


Care & Maintenance

Want the plants in your garden to come out rosy? Make sure you provide them with the proper care and maintenance they need to thrive!

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