A Rose for Every Garden

Everyone loves roses. And you can grow them right in your own yard…if you make the right selections. Here’s a look at the history of this old-time favorite, as well as a few rose basics.


Bare-Root vs. Container Roses (What’s the Difference?)

Why are some roses sold bareroot while others are in containers? And is one better than the other? Learn the differences between these two options and decide what’s best for you. (And don’t worry – it’ll all turn out rosy!)


Picking a Rose Your Mother Will Love

The symbolic love related to the rose is a perfect fit with a mother’s love. Honor your mother – or any special lady in your life – with a beautiful rosebush. Here are some things to consider when buying a plant for the woman you love.


Rose Primer – Types of Flowers

Why is it so confusing to buy a rose? Because there are so many kinds! If you’re feeling anxious about getting the wrong rose for your garden – or want to know what type to get for Mom – find out what you’re buying first.


These Buds are for You – Old Garden Roses at Fairmount

Growing roses doesn’t have to be a thorny task when you select the hardiest ones around. Old garden roses, like the time-tested beauties in Fairmount Cemetery’s Heritage Rose Garden in Denver, are extremely adaptable to poor soil, freezing temperatures, hot summer sun and drought.

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