It seems roses are back! True, they never completely disappeared, but roses did go through a temporary setback with everyday gardeners – the plants were just too much work. But that all changed with the Knock Out® rose, perhaps the hottest thing to ever hit the rose world!

Knock out rose by pond

Knock Out® roses are wonderfully disease-resistant, cold-hardy shrubs that keep on blooming all season long.

Photo Credit: Gerald L. Klingaman

Knock out rose closeup

The original Knock Out® rose has beautiful cherry red blooms.

Photo Credit: Gerald L. Klingaman

Blushing knock out rose

Blushing Knock Out® is one of the pink selections that’s great for humid regions.

Photo Credit: Conard-Pyle/Star® Roses

Rainbow knock out rose

One of the newest members of the family, Rainbow Knock Out® is a bit more compact and floriferous than its siblings.

Photo Credit: Mark A. Miller

The original Knock Out is a shrub rose growing about 3 feet wide and tall. It produces clusters of single, 3-inch-diameter, cherry red flowers at the tips of branches that keep on blooming all summer long! In fact, some say it’s one of the longest-blooming roses on the market. While the blooms aren’t well-suited for cutflowers, they look great in a sunny spot in the garden and give off a pretty, light tea rose fragrance. Come fall, the foliage turns a deep purple, adding depth and interest to your autumn garden.

There are just so many great things to love about this rose! Not only is it a fantastically continuous bloomer, you don’t have to waste time removing spent blooms to encourage new flowers – it’s pretty much a “self-cleaner.” And when it comes to disease resistance, this beauty’s a hands-down winner. In fact, Knock Out was bred specifically to be a cold-hardy rose resistant to a variety of maladies, especially black spot. What’s more, this beauty is drought-tolerant once established!

Like most roses, Knock Out grows best in full sun or very light shade in a fertile, well-drained soil. And this plant works almost anywhere in the country – it’s hardy from USDA hardiness zones 4-10!

Since Knock Out is a shrub rose, its wintertime appearance leaves a bit to be desired, so consider combining it with low evergreen shrubs to compensate for its winter starkness. Prune it in spring just before new growth starts, and then continue to prune it during the growing season as needed to control size and encourage new growth and more flowers. Also be sure to water and fertilize as the season progresses to ensure plants continue to grow and set new flower buds throughout the summer.

Since Knock Out debuted in 2000, there have been a number of siblings added to its Knock Out rose family. There’s the Double Knock Out® rose, which is very similar to its sister Knock Out seedling, but this beauty has twice the number of petals per flower.

There are also some wonderful pinks to choose from: Pink Knock Out® rose and Blushing Knock Out® rose are both great for humid areas where other roses have to be sprayed. The Pink Double Knock Out® rose is a wonderful hot-pink bloomer that’s got the same characteristics as its Double Knock Out parent. And there’s also the Rainbow Knock Out® rose, which features coral pink blooms that are yellow at the base.

Finally there’s the Sunny Knock Out® rose. This bright beauty has many of the same characteristics as the original Knock Out, but it’s pretty yellow blooms turn a creamy white as they fully open.

If you’ve ever been daunted by roses and all the extra care that goes along with them, worry no more! Not only will these fantastic shrubs knock you out with their beauty, they’ll knock out all the work that can go along with roses!