Affordable Fall Décor: Au Nautrel

You don’t need to spend a fortune when decorating for fall. When you decorate with wild plants, you’ve won the creative lottery! You can use weeds for fall décor in beautiful – and affordable – ways, and it helps remove exotic introductions from the natural landscape. Check out some wild options.


Autumn Aromatherapy – the Smell of Success

It’s easy to fall in love with floral fragrance, but it takes a gardener to delve into the world of autumn aromatherapy! Fragrant fall plants fill aromatherapy gardens, as well as the home. Discover how to use plants with aromatic foliage to add beauty and scent to your Autumn décor.


Fall: California’s No-Fail Planting Season

All you Californians out there – get ready to plant, plant, plant! The soil is warm, the sun is low in the sky, and the rains are about to fall – making autumn the best season to get your new plants into the ground!


Create a Fall Feeling With Tropicals

Yes it’s fall – even in Florida. While the Sunshine State might not present the traditional fall colors of the North, it really is possible to create that autumn feeling in your yard. How? Just use tropicals!


Early Autumn Chores for Gardeners

Autumn is unfolding. Before you to hang up your gardening gloves and store the spade for the year, here are some typical chores to get done in your early fall garden.


Easy Container Themes to Fall For

Updating your container garden with themes for fall is an easy and affordable way to create a new look for your garden, patio, deck or porch. Try some of these autumn container ideas and fall into a beautiful new season.


Fallen Leaves: Mow, Don’t Blow

They may seem a nuisance, but those fallen leaves all over your yard are a useful commodity. (So don’t blow them off!) Mowing leaves into mulch is easy. Even better: It can help give plants the nutrients they need, as well as save you time and money!


Fall With Pizzazz

Does your garden just seem to fade after a blooming spring and summer? Are you tired of planting the same plants every autumn? Broaden your plant palette and fire up your garden with some of these fabulous fall-interest beauties.


Last Call for Fall: Midwest Gardening

Crazy fall temperature fluctuations in the Midwest certainly keep gardeners on their toes (and green thumbs). Before winter hits, make sure you’ve got all of your garden chores done, so you’ll be ready come spring! Here’s a look at what’s left to do.


Last Call for Fall: Northeast Gardening Chores

Fall’s cool, crisp weather gives way to renewed gardening interest and a few chores at hand. Before it’s too late to do any more, here are some important tasks to get done in the Northeast garden!


Last Call for Fall: Northwest Style

On the rare occasion that it’s not raining, gardeners in the Pacific Northwest might want to do a few last-minute garden chores. Here are a few to keep in mind.


Last Call for Fall: Southeast Garden Opportunities

Fall is a fabulous time for Southeasterners to work outside in the garden, with cool breezes offering relief from the still-burning sun. But don’t get distracted and forget to do a few necessary garden tasks before the season ends. Here’s what’s still left to be done.


Last Call for Fall: Southwestern Landscapes

Cooler weather may be on its way, but that doesn’t mean the end of the gardening season. Landscape lovers in the Southwest can still get more bang for their gardening buck with a little autumn-yard maintenance.


Overwintering Tender Plants (the Inside Scoop)

If you’ve still got some favorite tender plants outdoors, it’s time to bring them in for a long winter’s nap. But before you help them with the transition back indoors, you need to make sure they’re pest-free and clean. Learn how.


Rake Your Fall Leaves!

If you’ve got a yard with lots of trees, raking leaves is familiar work. Whether you mulch your leaves or rake them into piles, it’s an important job that keeps your yard looking good – and your lawn healthy!


Solving the Mystery of Fall Leaf Color

Have you every wondered why leaves change colors, or why some autumns are more vibrant than others? Take a science lesson from Mother Nature and solve the mystery behind fall foliage.


SoCal: What’s New for Your Fall Garden

Not everything that’s released by seed growers works well in Southern California, but there are some winners. Learn what one garden writer deems some of the best for a successful fall and winter growing season in SoCal!


Timely Fall Gardening Tips

Fall is a busy season for the garden. Here’s a timely list of chores for Northeast gardeners to help keep their autumn yards looking fresh and lively.


Winterize Your Beds!

The weather may be growing cooler, but don’t take a gardening rest just yet! It’s not quite time for winter R&R until you’ve properly prepared your beds for winter and next spring. Here are some suggestions on how to do it.


You Autumn be Planting

Attention cold-climate gardeners: Fall is a great time for adding plants to your garden! In fact, getting perennials, trees and shrubs in the ground before the first frost helps give them a growing head start for spring – provided you plant them right. Here’s how.

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