An Elegant Christmas Tree

Deodar cedar is an attractive tree that grows well in a container. During most of the year it can decorate your patio, but bring it indoors for the holidays and watch your Christmas turn merry and bright!


Christmas Tree Options – The Choice is Yours!

For some holiday decorators, picking the type of Christmas tree to display in their home can be as challenging as picking the right present for a distant relative: You just don’t know what to get. Here’s a look at some of your tree options to help you choose.


Christmas Tree Selection and Care

Live Christmas trees are fun to buy and decorate, but once you bring them inside, it’s difficult to keep them from drying out and losing their needles. Here are some suggestions on keeping your tree fresh and festive throughout the holiday season.


Halloween Plants – and Lore!

Get more out of your Halloween than a bag of candy! Ancient festivals related to Halloween involved the harvest, as well as fruits, trees and shrubs thought to have magical properties. Take a look at some of these boo-tiful – and mysterious – garden dwellers.


Ho, Ho, Ho-liday Plants

It’s time to deck the halls with holiday flowering plants. From the traditional poinsettia to the exotic-looking Christmas cactus, these blooming beauties are sure to bring your home plenty of good cheer!


How to Rebloom Your Poinsettias

If you’ve ever tried reblooming your holiday poinsettia, you’ve probably discovered that it’s not the easiest thing to do. But once you learn the “poinsettia secrets,” it may be worth giving it another whirl after the holidays.


Painted Poinsettias

The poinsettia has long been a traditional plant of the holiday season, but a hot new horticulture trend is putting a new spin on said tradition. When it comes to popularity, painted poinsettias are proving to be gold (and blue and orange and fuchsia…).


Poinsettia: The Christmas Flower

An icon of Christmas, the poinsettia is available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Here’s a little taste of some holiday delights.


Rapping Up Thanksgiving (and Wrapping Up the Garden)

Think your gardening days are over for the year? Think again! Or should I say, sing again! Pull out your beat box and let this Thanksgiving Day Rap move you to finish up any last-minute gardening chores.

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