Jazzing Up Your Winter Garden

Tired of looking out your windows into a cold, barren landscape every winter? Brighten up your yard with colorful winter-loving blooms or shapely shrubs.


Keeping Your Thumb Green Over Winter

Don’t let cold temperatures discourage you from getting your gardening fix. These winter chores will help keep your green thumb growing even in the dead of winter!


Winter Gardening in the Midwest

Yes, you can garden during the winter in the Midwest! With a little planning and some good protection, you can still enjoy some beautiful blooms – and even some fresh vegetables – right along with the snow.


Winter Gardening SoCal Style

It may be winter, but Southern Californians – and those in other warm areas of the country – can still enjoy their great outdoors. So get out there and plant your cool-season vegetables, annuals and flowers. Then watch how these beauties can warm up your season!


Your Landscape’s Winter Wardrobe

Does your garden’s winter wardrobe lack a little flair? Give your landscape a fashion update with the right accessories! Berried beauties, mid- to late winter bloomers, fabulous bark, colorful branches and the woolen warmth of evergreens can offer the perfect touch.

Regional Gardening Tips

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