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And a Blue Mist Falls Over the Summer Garden… (Caryopteris x clandonensis)

Blue mist is a beautiful small shrub that blooms mid- to late summer in shades of blue or purple. What’s more, this easy-to-grow plant produces flowers on new wood and has no reported pest or disease problems. (Yes, it’s okay to get a little misty-eyed.)


Beautyberry Basics

Beautyberries are wonderful shrubs that produce purple fruit in fall. Here are a few recommendations for a colorful autumn landscape.


Blooms, Bracts & Berries (The Joys of Himalayan Honeysuckle)

Himalayan honeysuckle is a relatively unknown shrub, but its graceful green stems, pretty white flowers and purplish-brown fruits make it a real winner. And unlike some other honeysuckles you may know, this easy-care beauty won’t dominate your garden.


Containing the Garden – With Encore® Azaleas

Encore® Azaleas are a collection of long blooming shrubs that offer three seasons of flower power. Need an easy (and affordable) way to add color to a patio, deck or entryway? Try planting these beautiful shrubs in containers! Learn how one novice gardener did just that – with blooming results.


Crapemyrtles: Hot Plants for Hot Weather

While many garden plants droop and wilt from summer’s heat and humidity, crape myrtle thrives and puts on a spectacular flower show! Learn more about this heat- and drought-tolerant beauty, including a few new varieties that work as well in containers as they do in the landscape.


Elaeagnus: A Shrub for All Reasons

You could choose Elaeagnus for its outstanding fragrance, fruit and foliage, but that’s just the beginning of a wonderful friendship. These large, tough, woody ornamentals tolerate drought, heat and cold, and they thrive in stressful conditions where others wilt!


Euonymus americanus: The Super Strawberry Bush

While Euonymus americanus blends into the garden background most of the year, it puts on quite a show come fall, when its showy red capsules burst open to reveal pretty red berries. Find out more about this lovely native that makes a great addition to the woodland garden.


Firethorn: Set Your Garden Ablaze

Some plant names make little sense – but not firethorn. The hundreds of orange and red fruits that cover the prickly branches in fall make it look as if the plant’s burning in color! Best of all, the beauty lasts (and lasts) through winter.


Flowering Quince: A Blooming Traffic-Stopper

When nearly everything else in your garden is still dormant, flowering quince steps in to shower the landscape with gorgeous bright blooms. Learn more about this drought-tolerant blooming beauty, and bring a splash of color to your garden!


Forever Fothergilla

With attractive flowers that welcome spring and colorful foliage that hails fall, many consider fothergilla one of North America’s most beautiful native flowering shrubs. It’s got style, grace and a size that works almost anywhere. Learn more about this fantastic plant, and if it will work for your garden.


Forsythia – The Golden Harbinger of Spring

What better way to come out of a long, dull winter than with a showstopping display of bright yellow blooms?! Greet spring in cheery fashion – with forsythia.


From Pirates to Butterflies – Meet Abelia chinensis

Plants that attract butterflies have a special appeal for gardeners. Before Chinese abelia had its chance to peacefully welcome these winged creatures into our gardens, it survived a shipwreck and pirate attack. Here’s a look at the plant’s interesting history.


Gardenias: Soothing Your Senses

With their amazing fragrance, beautiful flowers, evergreen foliage and colorful seedpods, gardenias seem to have it all! Whether you can grow them in the ground or need to plant in a container, learn why these attractive bloomers are a great way to liven any space – and soothe your senses!


Get the Holiday Blues – and be Holly Jolly!

Hollies are a winter-landscape mainstay, thanks to their glossy foliage and bright seasonal berries. Mrs. Kathleen Meserve, an amateur plant breeder, gave us a new type to admire: the blue hollies.


Good Neighbors for Your Beautyberry

Finding the right companion plants to set off the beauty of your beautyberry isn’t hard – you just have to know where to look. Try these “good neighbor” plants, which offer attractive fall fruit, as well as interesting forms and color.


Great Grandmother’s Shrubs for Your Garden

When it comes to shrub selection, Grandma knows best! The plants you may remember blooming in her yard were naturally big, beautiful and not bothered by pests. Bring some of these old-time beauties into your new-time garden.


Growing Chinese Abelia

Chinese abelia is a butterfly magnet. It’s widely adapted, easy to grow and suitable for almost any garden. In late summer the Chinese abelia produces a profusion of blooms attracting these flying flowers from throughout the neighborhood.


Japanese Rose: Pretty, Tough

Tough gardens call for tough plants – and Japanese rose is just that. As beautiful as it is hardy, this great easy-care, drought-tolerant shrub produces scads of springtime flowers – all on striking, thornless stems!


Lilac Lovelies

The wonderful fragrance of lilacs makes this old-fashioned shrub a perennial favorite. They’re not just available in lavender shades either – think magenta, pink and white as well!


Lovely, Long-Lasting Lantanas

Lantanas may be a gardener’s best friend! After all, they’re easy to grow, flower all summer and are nearly pest-free. Plus, there are so many colors to choose from. These terrific shrubs really deserve a look, so check ‘em out!


Marvelous Mophead Hydrangeas

Mophead hydrangeas are a must-have shrub for shady spots in Southern gardens. Learn ways to make them bloom every year and how to change their huge flowers from pink and red to blue and purple.


Mock On! (Mock Oranges for Your Garden)

Once a staple in old gardens, mock orange is a spectacular flowering shrub that’s ready to make a comeback. Learn more about this vigorous, easy-to-grow, drought-tolerant shrub, and find a place for it in your garden.


On the Fringe (Flower) of Greatness

While it takes some plants years to find their way into back yards, the lovely pink-flowered Chinese fringe flower found great success in less than five. Learn why this beautiful shrub grew its way into the hearts – and yards – of so many home gardeners.


Plants for Fall Flowers: PeeGee Hydrangeas

When it comes to great hydrangeas, these are rated PeeGee! These pretty bloomers are a wonderful addition to a shady border, with gracefully aging flowers that bloom until frost. They’re versatile, easy to grow and require little maintenance.


Plants that Shine First: Winter Honeysuckle

Enjoy a bloom- and fragrant-filled winter, courtesy of Lonicera fragrantissima! This shrubby form of honeysuckle produces lemony-scented flowers all winter and spring – and it won’t take over your garden.


Shrubs for Wet Sites

Four great shrubs for swampy spots are buttonbush, red-osier dogwood, Virginia sweetspire and pussy willow. Read up on the fine characteristics of each of these plants to find out which will work best in your wet site.


Texas Rangers Ride High…in North Carolina

Texas Rangers, long-time favorites of desert gardens, can find a good home in the Southeast, too. While their roots grow deep in Texas and Mexico, the heat and humidity of other regions help these low-care, lovely shrubs produce blooms all summer long.


Water Wise Shrubs for the Southwest

Shrubs often get overlooked for showier plants in the landscape, but they’re very important elements in any garden. Not only do they add structure, they bring beauty and texture year-round. Here are a few great selections that won’t wither in the heat – or inflate your water bill.

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