Want a plant that shines in late summer and fall? Try Hydrangea paniculata ‘Grandiflora’ – or PeeGee hydrangea. This beauty has amazing white blooms that turn pick as they age. And there’s no missing them in the landscape, either – the flower heads grow as big as 14 inches long!

‘Limelight’ PeeGee hydrangea

‘Limelight’ is a beautiful chartreuse green before it turns pure white.

Photo Credit: Lane Greer

‘Little Lamb’ hydrangea

‘Little Lamb’ grows only 3 feet tall.

Photo Credit: Lane Greer

Pink PeeGee hydrangea

When hydrangea flowers turn pink, they can be dried easily.

Photo Credit: Lane Greer

PeeGee hydrangea tree

As a standard form, this PeeGee makes a beautiful tree in late summer and fall.

Photo Credit: Lane Greer

In its natural state, PeeGee hydrangea is a large, upright shrub. But most nurseries sell the plant in its standard form, having pruned it to one main trunk that branches anywhere from 3-6 feet above the ground. PeeGees can be spectacularly beautiful, with green, then white, then pink flowers borne from midsummer through fall on long, arching stems. They usually look best when used singly in the garden or placed separately in a border. Or for a different and attractive look, try lining a driveway or walk with them.

PeeGees are hardy in zones 3-8, making them the most cold-hardy hydrangea on the market. Shrubs quickly grow to 10 feet tall. They’re easy to grow in any soil, including heavy clay. They’re also drought-tolerant once established – although they grow best when well-watered and mulched.

PeeGees are best grown in partial sun, but will tolerate anything from full sun to full shade. Keep in mind that the amount of flowers produced will be less in full shade. By the same token, the plant prefers a moist garden soil with good drainage, but will tolerate anything from heavy clay to sandy soils. If grown in full sun or in quickly-drying sandy soils, make sure that the plant receives enough water to flourish and not look tired and forlorn. PeeGees are relatively pest free and, once established, require little maintenance.

‘Grandiflora’ is the most common PeeGee hydrangea you can find, but there are lots of other Hydrangea paniculata cultivars out there – take your pick. The new favorite is called ‘Limelight’. Its immature flowers are greenish-white, then mature to white and fade to green. All the other cultivars have white flowers that are pink when mature. ‘Barbara’, called The Swan™, has the largest petals (technically sepals) of all, but ‘Melody’ has the largest flower panicle (14 inches long). The very last to flower is ‘Tardiva’ and usually is in flower up until frost. Try ‘Little Lamb’ and ‘Pee Wee’ in small gardens.

If you’re looking for a hydrangea that flowers until frost, is easy to grow and makes a beautiful cut flower, this is the kind for you. Suitable for borders and planting beds, this one’s rated PeeGee!