Bury Your Leaf Problems

Do you have too many autumn leaves and no room for a regular compost pile? Bury your problem! Digging a compost pit is an easy way to dispose of raked leaves and other yard waste without having to layer.


Don’t Guess, Soil Test

A soil sample analysis is your gardening road map to maximum plant growth. Learn how to collect and submit a soil sample.


Leave It Alone – the Art of Passive Composting

Composting is a basic skill all gardeners should learn. So is raking. If you’re faced with a mountain of leaves every autumn, a passive composting system may be the best option to combine both skills – not to mention a great way to help your garden!


Making the Most of Your Leaves

When raked and used properly, those fallen leaves on the lawn can provide at least two useful materials for your garden. Turn your fallen leaves into a growing gift – learn the quick, easy and affordable way to make leaf mulch and leaf mold.


Quick and Easy Compost

Learn how to make compost in much less time than with traditional methods.


The Adventures of Wonder Worm, Composting Crusader

A red worm compost bin is a great – and easy – way to recycle certain food waste and improve garden soil. Just add your scraps and let the wonder worms do the rest until your compost is ready for harvesting. (The process is so simple, a child can do it!)


Using the Heat to Your Garden’s Advantage

While vegetable gardens in temperate climates are the most productive in midsummer, warm-climate gardens are producing less and less. That’s the time to use the heat to your advantage. Learn how to manage pests and improve the soil in your vegetable garden with cover crops and soil solarization.

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