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How do you love to garden? Let us count the ways: container gardening, water gardening, cutflowers… The articles in this section explore popular trends that you can try in your back yard – and have fun learning!

What's Inside

Container Gardening

Small spaces, lifeless entryways and boring patios should be contained – with glorious planters. Container gardens are easy and affordable ways to bring color and curb appeal to your home.


Water Gardening

Learn how the soothing sights and sounds of water can transform your garden – then dive into this rewarding gardening trend!


Cutflower Gardening

Help your garden make the cut! Growing cutflowers is a fantastic way to bring color and beauty to your home – indoors and out!


Wildlife Gardening

Go wild(life) in the garden! Attract nature’s garden-friendly creatures to your landscape, and learn some helpful tips on the birds and the bees (and butterflies).

Regional Gardening Tips

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