Container Gardening


Autumn: Boxed In (A Seasonal Window Box)

There’s nothing like crisp autumn temps to kill off what was left of a once-beautiful window box planting. But that doesn’t have to mean the end of your outdoor decor. Redo your window planter using harvested materials from your garden and create some fall-themed curb appeal.


Container Gardening: Beauty and Flexibility

When it comes to gardening your first thought might be finding the best spot in the ground to plant. That single thought might miss one of the best gardening options around—container gardening.


Container Crunchies for Outdoor Munchies

Consider something crisp, nutritious and beautiful for your decorative pots when the gardening weather is cool. This quick and easy lettuce container can make your patio beautiful, your salad bowl full and your neighbors envious of your good taste!


Container Gardening Basics

Growing plants in containers is easy if you follow a few basic rules.


Containers: Changing With the Seasons

The “growing season” may be over, but that doesn’t mean your containers have to be. No matter where you live, you can add a little something to your pots, urns and window boxes every month of the year to keep them seasonally beautiful.


Contain Your Enthusiasm (Container Lessons From Chanticleer)

There’s more to container gardening than growing plants in a pot. When carefully considered, decorative planters serve as garden art, as well as a key to good landscape design. Learn some tips on how to best use containers in your garden, inspired by a visit to Chanticleer Garden.


Easy-Made Potting Mixes

Instead of having several different potting mixes for each kind of container plant, vary one good mix by adding sand or leaf mold.


Falling Up: Replanting Your Containers for Autumn

Your summer plantings may have come to a weary end, but your container garden doesn’t have to! Give your tired-looking pots a seasonal makeover and welcome autumn with fall-loving plants. Here’s one idea to help you get started.


Great Trailing Plants for Containers

Trailing plants bring elegant drama to containers and hanging baskets without costing a fortune. Even just having one planter on the patio or balcony overflowing with brightly colored blooms can create great impact. Check out some easy-to-grow trailers for you to contain!


Grow a Mix-and-Match Container Garden

Whether by accident or design, a container garden can give your landscape a whole new look. Our eclectic mix of plants evolves as the seasons progress, our moods change and our tastes vary. So if you like the idea of all that flexibility, try growing one of your own!


Hydroponics – Build a Floating Garden

“Hydroponics” may sound intimidating, but growing plants in water is actually fairly easy. With the right nutrient solution and materials, you can create your own floating garden that and grow all kinds of plants using just a nutrient solution! Even better, a hydroponics garden means you get to bypass common problems like soil pests, weeds and the need to water.


Make a Giant Hanging Basket

Giant hanging baskets make big impact! Use them on your front porch to welcome visitors, line a walkway or decorate a deck or patio. They’re surprisingly simple to make, easy on the pocketbook and give you a bold blast of color throughout spring and summer!


Outdoor Container Plants: The Cold Reality

Cool-climate gardeners may feel limited by what they can grow year-round. But thanks to containers, no plant has to be given the cold shoulder! Learn which pots best survive outdoor winters, as well as how to overwinter your container plants before the chill sets in.


Planning & Planting a Window Box

Some homes are just made for window boxes, but where you do you start? With some guidance from Learn2Grow, this home gardener turned a 9-foot-long container into a beautiful window box garden that gave her home instant curb appeal. Learn how you can do the same.


Potting the Best of the Bulbs for Spring

Although adding spring bulbs to the garden is done in fall, it’s still possible to enjoy bulb-filled planters even if you’ve missed that planting window. Take a page from Holland and create beautiful container bulbs for spring. These simple combinations bring world-class contained color to the porch or patio.


Perfect Potting Secrets Revealed

Correct potting technique can lead to better plant growth and easier water management. Learn a few tips and tricks from a pro.


Preventing Wilted Hang-ups and Container Crispies

Containers and hanging baskets adorn our porches and patios all summer long. Prevent your blooming beauties from becoming wilted wonders by knowing how to care for them properly – from potting mix to water requirements.


Simple Terrariums

Looking for a neat indoor planting project? Give terrariums a whirl! Follow this easy step-by-step guide to creating an enclosed garden that can be as simple or intricate as you’d like. With the right preparation and follow-up, your terrarium might just care for itself for years!


Succulent Container Gardening

When it comes to creating interesting containers, succulents are often overlooked for the brighter annual and perennial selections. Let it be no more! Not only are succulents drought-tolerant, they’re absolutely beautiful with their interesting foliage and terrific textures – perfect for the gardener with a busy life!


Succulent Pizza – a Slice of Creativity

Any way you slice it, this beautiful “succulent pizza” is a delectable – and affordable – container project than anyone can make. With just a few dollars, supplies and 20 minutes, you can create a surprisingly eye-catching, easy miniature garden that’s perfect for decorating or gift-giving.


Testosterone Terrarium (for a Manly Indoor Garden)

This isn’t your Grandmother’s terrarium – but it’s still as amazing. Planting a terrarium is easy and affordable, and you can make it as “manly” or feminine as you’d like. Learn how to make a terrarium for your macho friends and family – or give a new one to Grandma!


The Scoop on Packaged Potting Mixes

If your containerized plants have been looking a little peaked, don’t blame yourself – it may be the potting soil they’re growing in. While store-bought mixes are great for many plants, some require a little amending so your potted beauties can take up all the nutrients they need to thrive.


Tropical Plants for Containers

Imagine escaping to an exotic getaway without all the travel and expense. With this easy tropical patio idea, that paradise can be as close as your back yard or balcony. No matter where you live, you can create a relaxing oasis thanks to these tropical plants for containers!

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