Water Gardening


Enhancing Your Garden Pond With Water Features

Be it simple fountain or multi-waterfall, adding a water feature to your garden pond enhances the overall look and feel to your aquatic paradise. Enhance your outdoor living experience with the sights, sounds and wonder that only flowing water can provide.


Make a Splash With Pondless Water Features

Think your small garden has sunk your dreams of having a water feature? Keep hope afloat! While traditional ponds may be out of the question, a pondless water feature may be just what you’re looking for, bringing beauty and relaxing sound – but without the large size and fuss.


Out With the Lawn and in With the Water (the “Greener” Side of Garden Ponds)

The “green” benefits of owning a garden pond have nothing to do with algae. By replacing lawn with water garden, you can conserve energy, save money and support the environment. Learn a few tips on how improving the environment can begin at home – with a beautiful pond.


Pond-during Winter

You’ve enjoyed a beautiful spring and summer by the water garden – and now it’s time to close the pond for the season. Learn how to properly prep your pond, plants and aquatic pets to help ensure a healthy ecosystem come spring.


Queen of the Pond

Pretty, popular and helpful in controlling algae, water lilies prove their royal worth in any water gardening endeavor.


Ready for a Pond?

Water gardens bring peace and intrigue to outdoor living spaces, help conserve water and energy and create a haven for wildlife. But before diving into this popular gardening trend, take the time to understand three important aspects of creating a healthy, balanced garden pond: design, equipment and water.


Spring Care for Garden Pond Fish

For home gardeners, spring marks the start of outdoor living at its fullest, but for pond fish, this change in season is a delicate transition. Take the time to help your underwater friends properly come out of hibernation. (Your fish – and water garden – will thank you for it.)


Spring-Cleaning Your Garden Pond

Three cheers for spring! You’re not the only one coming out of hibernation – it’s been a long winter for your pond and fish, too! Proper cleanup, equipment inspection and a little water and fish TLC are the first steps toward another healthy – and successful – water gardening season.


Water Garden Plants

What’s a water garden without water plants? Here are a few aquatic recommendations to look for when stocking your water garden.

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