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How Do You Like Your Coffee (Plant)?

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular caffeine drinks, with an interesting history of cultivation. Even if the beverage isn’t your cup of java, you can still appreciate the beauty of the coffee plant. This unique tropical makes a nice, large houseplant for a warm, very bright room.


Papyrus: for Ancient Egyptian Flair

Discover how to add big drama to your water garden and a hint of exotica to outdoor living spaces with this signature plant of the River Nile. Easy to grow and perfect for instant makeovers, papyrus reed is friendly to gardeners of any level of experience.


Sound Your Horn for Angel’s Trumpet

Whether used on your porch as an annual in the summer or planted in the garden to enjoy year after year, angel’s trumpet is a tropical beauty. This big, bold plant with foot-long flowers will make your garden feel as if it’s steps away from the jungle!


Tropical Beauties for Home and Garden

Tropical plants add an exotic look, unusual texture and interesting shape to the garden and home. Some can even survive mild winters in nontropical climates with a little protection. The best part is that they can be enjoyed year-round – either indoors or outside.


Tropical Flowering Trees (The Palms are Green With Envy!)

When it comes to getting a garden taste of the tropics, palms may have the glorious fronds, but the bouquets of colorful flowers can only be supplied by tropical flowering trees!


Tropicals: From Seed to Bloom in One Season

Add a tropical touch to your garden without spending a fortune: Try your hand at growing Angel’s trumpet or castor bean from seed. These beautiful plants grow quickly in only one season. (Just one note of caution: They are toxic.)


Tropical Temptations

Looking to add new interest and intrigue to your surroundings? Give your home a tropical flair – inside and out! Try some of these fantastic tropical plants this season, and the next exotic getaway you visit will be to your own back yard!

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