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Chinese Trumpet Creeper – A Fine Vine

With beautiful blooms and a full-sunny disposition, Chinese trumpet creeper is a superior vine in many ways to its American trumpet creeper counterpart. (So why aren’t we using it more in our gardens?)


Dress Your Trellis in Silver Lace (Vine)

Silver lace vine is a fast-growing plant with a spectacular display of white blooms in late summer and fall. Just be careful: This beauty has a wild heart. Like any vine it should be planted where its spread can be managed.


Glory in the Morning

The morning glory vine is both pretty and easy to grow – maybe even a little too easy. But there are ways to keep this lovely – yet aggressive – vine in check so you can enjoy many a glorious morning all summer long!


Passionflower – A Springtime Bloom With Passionate Meaning

Passionflower is a wonderful vine that produces a lovely spring bloom and edible fruit. It’s also rich in religious symbolism – find out how.


Vigorous Vines

Flowers, fruit, foliage – you name what you’re looking for, and a vine’s probably got it. Here’s a quick look at a few popular selections, as well as what some of the various groups in this vine growing category have to offer.


A Vine for all Seasons

Five-leaf akebia is a terrific vine for adding structure and defining space year-round. It’s easy to work with and grows quickly, so you can cover a pergola, wall or make a screen easily in one to two seasons.

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