Apple Picking Kid-Friendly Harvesting

Take advantage of a great learning opportunity for your children: Go outside together and teach the joys of autumn harvesting!
Meadow Grow a Backyard Meadow

If you’ve got the space and long for a natural look to your garden, consider growing a backyard meadow. Here are some tips to help you get started.
Becoming One With the Compost

Green Gulch Farm

Experts continually remind home gardeners about the value of compost – that awesome homemade “black gold” that improves soil structure and fertilizes the soil with a wide range of nutrients. But even Master Gardeners have their gardening flops. Declaring her compost pile a total bust, Dirt Diva Annie Spiegelman vowed to do better. Learn how her quest for “compost nirvana” brought balance to her gardening world once again. (Then go forth and compost!)

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Apples Autumn is for Apples

What are you going to do with all of those apples you and your family have picked at the orchard or market? We’ve got 10 delicious and nutritious ideas for you!
Flamingos Thou Art Amazing

Big, small, wacky or awe-inspiring, the range of garden art is immeasurable – and limited only by one’s imagination. Check out these works and see for yourself.
Rudbeckia Keep a Garden Journal

Record your garden’s summer successes – and failures – before the memories fade like last month’s annuals. A garden journal can help keep you growing forward.