Children's Gardens


The Garden School (Your Backyard Classroom)

Your back yard is an amazing classroom! Your children can grow a love for gardening and nature while working in their plots, as well as gain a new appreciation for science, math and art. Here are some tips on transforming your garden into a terrific teaching tool.


Growing Annuals…and Little Green Thumbs

Annuals and kids can be a great pair – if you encourage the relationship to grow. Planting an annuals garden with a child fosters a love for gardening, encourages learning and offers a fun day of fresh air.


Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids – Growing Success

Growing vegetables, eating healthfully and giving to the community – this is what children learn from the Delaware-based school gardening program, Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids. Learn more about how this organization is changing the way kids think about gardening – one veggie at a time.


Kids and Pesticides Don’t Mix

We all know the importance of keeping chemicals away from children, but we don’t always consider the aftermath once the products have been safely applied. Here are a few extra warnings regarding pesticide use, as well as a simple solution for keeping our kids safe.


The Magical Michigan 4-H Children’s Gardens

With more than 75 different areas to explore, this half-acre space for kids will inspire your entire family to find new ways to bring wonder into your own back yard.


Route 66: A Trip to Children's Gardens

Take your children to the garden. Many public gardens today feature an interactive children's garden as one of their most visted areas.

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