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Barnyard Blossoms
The 2015 Sonoma County Fair’s Hall of Flowers

Head on down to the farm to check out the animals. The 2015 theme is Barnyard Blossoms, and you will get a chance to see how sweet things are “Down on the Farm”. You’ll see a host of farm animal themed gardens made up of ten of thousands of flowers, rocks, props and water.


Bellingrath Gardens for the Holidays

While you can visit Alabama’s Bellingrath Gardens any time of the year, the holidays make for a truly special visit. Not only will the plantings wow you, the millions of Christmas lights will make you feel like a kid again.


Celebrate the Harvest Season with Kids

Take advantage of a great learning opportunity for your children: Go outside and teach the joys of autumn harvesting.


The Circleville Pumpkin Show

Ever see a street lined with 100,000 pounds of gourds? What about a 6-foot-wide pumpkin pie? Visit the Circleville Pumpkin Show in Circleville, OH, and be prepared for a mouthwatering autumn adventure!


The First Thanksgiving…And Beyond

It’s a time for giving thanks. But what do we really know about our country’s first Thanksgiving celebration? Our own Dr. Mark “HortMan” Miller explores some of the history behind this national holiday. (And it doesn’t involve yams.)


Fun Times at the Fair

State and county fairs promise fun-filled times for all ages. With prize-winning plants, animals and other treats, you and your family are sure to have a blue-ribbon day!


Going to the Market (in the Portland Area)

The 30 farmers’ markets in and around Portland, OR, offer much more than fresh produce – and summer’s the best time to visit them. See what these great events have to offer.


Party On (a Budget)

If you’ve decided against a destination vacation this year, then make your back yard the place to be! An affordable garden party is just a few easy tips away. Host a fabulous celebration in your garden this season using these inexpensive patio party ideas regarding theme, décor and refreshments.


The Perfect Moments of Fatherhood

The calendar may dictate when the country celebrates Father’s Day, but for many dads, the event isn’t limited to only once a year. Our Bosh Bruening shares just some of his fondest outdoor “Father’s Day” memories – and they don’t involve getting a tie in June.


Plants, Sweat and Cheers!
The 2011 Sonoma County Fair’s Hall of Flowers

Follow the all the work that it takes to create a fantastic flower show. We start with a near empty hall one month before the 2011 Sonoma County Fair's Hall of Flowers opens. Ten of thousands of flowers, rocks, props and water create a magical experience as the Sonoma County Fair celebrates its 75 year.


Ports of Call
The 2012 Sonoma County Fair’s Hall of Flowers

Get ready for your 2012 cruise at the Sonoma County Fair's Hall of Flowers. The 2012 theme is Ports of Call, and you will travel the world landing at fantastic destinations. So break out your breach ware and join us at this fantastic flower show. Ten of thousands of flowers, rocks, props and water create a magical experience as the Sonoma County Fair celebrates its 76 year.


The Ramah Farmers’ Market – for a Growing Community

Big or small, a farmers’ market supports local growers and creates a sense of town unity. No one knows that better than the participants of the Ramah Farmers’ Market in New Mexico – where one woman’s dream turned into a community’s reality.


The Sonoma County Fair’s Hall of Flowers: Bringing the Magic Into Bloom

Flower shows are magical especially the largest themed flower show in the country at the Sonoma County Fair in Santa Rosa California. What you don't get to see is all of the hard work required to make the fantastic exhibits.


Would You Like Some Cheese With That? (A Wisconsin Market)

Every Saturday from spring to fall, Wisconsin’s state capitol is to host to one of the best farmers’ markets in the Midwest. You can find just about everything there – from apples to ostrich eggs (and, of course, all different of types of cheese).

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