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All Aboard! (A Ticket to Garden Railroading)

Railroading isn’t just an indoor hobby anymore. Combine your love of trains with your love of gardening, and you’ll be on the right track for outdoor family fun. Want to learn more about this growing hobby? We’ve got your ticket right here!


Extreme Hillside Makeover

A rural roadside hill is transformed into a sea of color. The impact is dramatic and the hillside is protected against erosion.


Gardens of White Light Up the Night

Color rules by day, but at night, there’s nothing like masses of fragrant white flowers to take your breath away. Forget about flipping the switch – illuminate your garden with moonlight and a dazzling array of white-blooming cultivars and complementary foliage in pale green and silver.


Gardening by the Light of the Moon

There’s nothing like relaxing in the garden after a hectic day – even after the sun sets. The white flowers, silvery foliage and amazing fragrance of a moon garden provide the chance to enjoy nature beyond daytime hours. Grow a moon garden – and experience outdoor living in a new light!


Green Roofs: Green From the Top Down

Green roofs can be stunningly beautiful or just a great way to help protect our environment, lower heating and cooling costs, and make fresh air. Learn about the different types of green roofs – as well as which one may be best for you.


Growing a Backyard Meadow

If you’ve got the space and long for a natural look to your garden, consider growing a backyard meadow. Such an ever-changing, low-maintenance “field” can reduce your gardening workload, as well as attract all kinds of wonderful wildlife year-round. Here are some tips to help you get started.


Inspirational Container Gardening

You’ve probably thought to use a container planting to spruce up a patio or front porch, but those aren’t the only spots for creative pots! Bring the “wow” factor to all areas of your garden and home with unique container designs that show off your gardening prowess!


Make Mediterranean Magic

Learn how to bring the classic look of Tuscan and Provincial gardens to your back yard with selections native to the Mediterranean – or cold-hardy alternatives. In addition to their natural beauty, these wonderful plants are exceptionally drought- and heat-tolerant while offering aromatic foliage and culinary seasoning.


Paving the Way for a New Garden

Think you’ve run out of places to plant? Hit the pavement! Pavement gardens are beautiful as they are unusual. Follow the story of one Northern gardener inspired to plant one of these blacktop beauties – and learn some tips on how to grow your own.


Planting up a Wall

When it comes to vertical gardening, simple vines are no longer your only option. Modern technology and materials have allowed home gardeners to start growing up! Using tender tropicals and classic herbaceous perennials, living wall garden designs let gardeners get creative. So go vertical – and plant on a wall.


True-Blue Hues for You

Has the fact that most blue flowers actually appear purple got you feeling...well, blue? Plants with real blue flowers do exist – you just need to know your options. Check out this Top 10 list of true-blue garden flowers – they’re simply blue-tiful!

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