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Community Gardens and Bounty Hunters

No matter where you live, if you’re interested in community gardens, there’s a place in Northern California worth your attention. Petaluma Bounty is working to build a healthy, sustainable food system for local residents – the concept is a great blueprint for starting something similar in your own community!


Dirt Diva: Becoming One With the Compost

Even Master Gardeners have their gardening flops. Declaring her compost pile a total bust, the Dirt Diva vowed to do better. Learn how her quest for “compost nirvana” brought balance to her gardening world once again. (Then go compost in peace.)


Exploit the Sound of Water

Let the soothing sound of water wash away those undesirable background and city noises that can interrupt your tranquil outdoor living space. A water fountain brings relaxing sound and beauty to a patio, deck or garden. Here’s how.


Feed Them...They Will Come

Bird feeding is an easy way to bring new life to your garden any time of year. All you need is a feeder and food – the birds will do the rest.


Fernando’s Garden: A Cornucopia of Sharing

Rohan Fernando grows more vegetables than he can consume, so he shares his harvest with his neighbors, friends and even passersby. You can share your bounty, too. It’s not hard – here’s how.


Gift Ideas for the Romantic Gardener

Looking for a unique, romantic and fun present for your garden-loving Valentine? Here are a few fun ideas that might work better than Cupid’s arrow. (Psst – these even work for birthdays and other gift-giving occasions!)


Green Gardening Goals

Master Gardener Annie Spiegelman (AKA the Dirt Diva) resolves to make the world – or at least the gardening realm – a better place by going green. (And she’s taking others with her!)


Growing Green and the Touring Scene

Forget about neighborhood garden tours flaunting yards filled with thirsty plants and chemical-infested turf. Gardens that create wildlife habitat, save energy, reduce waste, fertilize naturally, build healthy soil, landscape locally and conserve water are finally getting the attention they deserve.


How to Keep a Garden Journal

This handy, dandy notebook will help you keep track of all the plants in your garden, as well as assist you with your future gardening efforts. Knowing which plant is where will save you time in the long run. Here are some tips for “bookkeeping” in your garden.


Imitation is the Sincerest Form of…Gardening

There’s nothing wrong with admiring someone else’s garden design…and using the idea for your own planting beds. In fact, success often begins by pilfering design ideas wherever you can find them. Learn how one professional gardener finds her inspiration – and pays compliments wherever she plants.


Keep Calm and Garden On

“Boring” suburban back yard got you down? It’s easy to grow uninspired by the same old garden growing on your side of the fence. Use your winter downtime to find garden inspiration and dream big – then fall back in love with the idea of having a beautiful garden again!


Launch a Satellite Patio – and Enjoy Your Space

Create garden seating the easy way: make a patio. A small-space patio placed out in the garden is a simple way to enhance – and appreciate – your yard. Learn more about this “satellite” patio idea and launch yourself into a whole new world of gardening space!


Light Up the Night!

Good nightlighting calls attention to your beautiful garden – not the lights. This means professional-grade fixtures placed in the right spots and – unless you’ve got the right experience – a certified professional contractor to design and install your nightlighting system.


Nighttime in Your Backyard Oasis (and Meeting up With a new Flame)

Sure, accent lighting and mosquito repellents make outdoor areas more enjoyable at nighttime, but natural flame lighting takes evening outdoor living to a whole new level. Garden torches are an ideal way to create stunning backyard ambiance long after the sun has set.


Olbrich Botanical Gardens – Bringing It Home

No matter where you live, Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, WI, offers a treasure trove of inspiration for the home garden. This beautifully designed, eco-friendly attraction provides plenty of ideas you can use in your own garden. Here are just a few to help get your creative juices flowing!


Practical Tips for Growing Green

Being earth-friendly makes good sense when it comes to gardening. Here are just a few tips to help you grow an environmentally friendly yard that’s easier to take care of and puts some extra green back in your garden…and wallet!


Put Me in, Coach – I’m Ready to Garden!

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer in need of a little garden-design guidance, a garden coach may be the solution. These experts guide their clients in design concepts, plant recommendations and planting tasks – leaving all digging for the gardener. Here’s how one garden coach led her garden-dreaming team to victory.


Recycling Household Goods for Your Garden

We know recycling helps our planet. Did you know it can help your garden, too? Instead of lugging recyclables to the curb, take them to the yard. Learn some clever ways to repurpose newspapers, sheets and bottles to help the green in your garden – and in your wallet.


Save Money – Buy Your Seeds in Bulk!

Planting seeds makes good economical sense, but with all the varieties available, costs can quickly add up. Instead of spending a fortune on one order, combine your purchase with family and friends. Buying seeds and plants in bulk is a great way to save money and try new varieties!


Starting Small: A Backyard Remodeling Project

You've move into a new house with no landscaping. You can start with some basic landscaping to add interest. Even simple can make a big difference.


Teak Talk (Time to Buy Outdoor Furniture?)

A functional, comfortable patio requires functional, comfortable furniture. Teak wood is a popular material used to make quality outdoor furnishings. But beware of imitations. Learn what to look for in quality teak furniture, then enjoy your outdoor living experience as you should – to its fullest.


The Deeper Meaning of Flowers

Flower bouquets often convey a general message, from love and congratulations to sympathy and well wishes. But did you know that some flowers carry their own symbolic message? Next time you give flowers to your sweetie, consider sending a hidden meaning along with them.


The Welcoming Pineapple

Believe it or not, the delicious pineapple is a symbol of warmth and welcome that’s been a part of Southern hospitality for centuries. Learn how this popular tropical fruit made its way into many homes – and hearts – down South.


Welcome Gnome to Your Garden (and Other Décor Treasures)

Whether you garden on a small patio or in a big landscape, you can create an expressive outdoor area that helps define your garden, as well as your personality! Here are a few garden décor ideas to help dress up your space without breaking the bank.

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