Health Benefits


Autumn is for Apples

You’ve returned from the orchard – now what are you going to do with all those apples your kids just picked? Here are 10 great ideas.


Cool Clothing

If you’ve got to get that gardening done during a hot summer day, be sure to dress for the job. Wear wicking, lightweight clothing that allows you to move – and don’t forget your hat!


Melinda’s Predicted Food and Green Trends

The Food Sleuth has looked into her green crystal ball! Read what she thinks the future holds for our food, nutrition and health – and how gardening fits in as a key to our overall wellbeing.


Gardening Perks for the Body

Studies have shown that gardening is more than just a favorite pastime – it’s good for your body! Here are just a few benefits this worldwide hobby has to offer the mind and body.


Grow an Herbal Bath

Your herb garden can reward you with much more than fantastic meals. With the right herbs, you can create an incredible soak in your tub – either soothing or stimulating. Learn how to relax those aches and pains or rejuvenate yourself with your own homegrown bath!


Melon Mania

Melons are loaded with flavor, nutrients and water – important traits any time of year, but critical during those days of high heat. Learn how to select, store and savor your juiciest picks of the season.


The Power of the Flower

It’s no secret that flowers can make a person’s day. But research now proves it: Flowers make people happy – and may help keep the mind sharp, too!


Too Hot to Handle? (A Heat-Related Illness Primer)

Keeping up a garden in the summer heat can be a steamy chore. As the temperatures rise, it’s important to be familiar with the signs of heat-related illnesses and their proper treatment. Of course, prevention is always best – so take care to stay cool.

Regional Gardening Tips

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