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Gardening for Kids (With Books)

Children’s books can be a great springboard for garden fun. Here’s a sampling of two great books that you and the kids can take straight to the garden.


A-Z: An Essential Gardening Encyclopedia

Looking for a complete gardening encyclopedia to add to your at-home library? Try The American Horticultural Society A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants – massive in size, as well as content.


Everyone’s Almanac: Blum’s

For 183 years, Blum’s Almanac has been the gardener’s guide to culture, planting and harvesting crops – and along the way, it tells us how to behave ourselves with some good, old-fashioned homespun wisdom.


Essential References: The New Organic Grower

If you’ve ever thought of growing organic vegetables for sale (or are really serious about organic gardening), check out The New Organic Grower. Not only will you learn about growing crops, you’ll find great tips and ideas for saving – and making – money.


Lane’s Essential References for Trees & Shrubs

Winter’s a great time for gardeners to catch up on their reading, and one of our gardening experts has two “must have” texts for any green thumb. If you’re serious about learning more about trees, shrubs and woody vines, be sure to check out these book recommendations!


Reviewing Organic Lawn Care (and The Organic Lawn Care Manual)

Wondering how to maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn without using synthetic chemicals? Paul Tukey’s The Organic Lawn Care Manual is a handy resource you can use right from your yard! (Your lawn, family and environment will thank you for it.)


Revolution in a Bottle: Worm Poop From Jersey

Let’s talk trash: Revolution in a Bottle is an inspiring, honest story that will give you hope for creating a more sustainable world – in the garden and beyond. This book review discusses one man’s journey with recycling trash – and may just inspire you to become more eco-friendly yourself!


Food Sleuth® Bookworm Reviews: Simply in Season

Take a look at two wonderful cookbooks sure to please everyone in the family – from grown-ups to children.


Essential References: Sunset Western Garden Book

According to gardening expert Lane Greer, the Sunset Western Garden Book should be on the bookshelf of every gardener in the western US. This helpful reference book is geared toward growing trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and vegetables in this unique part of the country.


A Texas Almanac for all Southwesterners – and Beyond

Doug Welsh’s Texas Garden Almanac is a useful resource for just about any Southwest gardener (as well as any gardener living in other warm-and-dry regions). With its lovely illustrations and well-written essays, this book is not only a great month-by-month gardening guide, it’s a fun read!

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