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(Evergreen Azalea)

Bearing showy clusters of pink and white flowers from early to mid spring, this offspring of the Glenn Dale Hybrids 'Mother of Pearl' and 'Mandarin' is one of many evergreen azaleas developed by Don Hager of Spotsylvania, Virginia. The wide-flaring funnel-shaped blooms are hose-in-hose (with two superimposed whorls of petals). The habit is dense and compact.

Hager azaleas prefer partial shade and highly organic acid soil that is evenly moist but well-drained. Plant them shallowly and mulch...


Well over a century old and still well worth planting, this cold-hardy, heat-tolerant Waterer Hybrid bears spherical clusters of soft rosy-purple flowers in late spring. The wide-flaring, funnel-shaped blooms have a prominent dark maroon blotch on their upper lobes. This spreading, open, head-high shrub has large, elliptic, glossy dark green leaves.

One of the horticultural dynasties of nineteenth and twentieth century England, the Waterer family introduced a diversity of large-leaved rhododendrons...

Image of Rhododendron

James Burghardt

(Evergreen Azalea)

The single white flowers of this heat-tolerant Southern Indica Hybrid have striking broad rose-pink midstripes on their petals. The flaring funnel-shaped flowers appear from early to mid-spring. This upright rounded head-high shrub has handsome dark green leaves.

Selected in the Southeast United States for their tolerance of hot humid conditions, Southern Indica azaleas descend from the Belgian Indica Group. Their ancestry includes the East Asian species Rhododendron simsii, R....

Image of Rhododendron

Auburn University Horticulture Department, Auburn, AL

(Evergreen Azalea, Robin Hill Azalea)

Robin Hill hybrid azaleas are a large group of evergreen shrubs that were hybridized in New Jersey by chemist and rhododendron enthusiast, Robert Gartrell. They are complex hybrids which combine the attributes of small-flowered hardy azaleas with those of the more tender large-flowered types. Generally, they are compact, spreading or mounding, have an extended blooming season and bear large flowers on small plants.

This large group of azaleas is quite cold tolerant. Their leaves are generally...

(Evergreen Azalea, Maria Elena Evergreen Azalea)

The hybrid azalea ‘Maria Elena’ is a broadleaf evergreen shrub that bears double flowers of a strong purple-pink in late spring. It grows slowly into a dense, compact, mounded plant with small elliptical dark green leaves.

Azaleas prefer partial shade and highly organic acid soil that is evenly moist but well-drained. Plant them shallowly and mulch well to conserve moisture and suppress weeds. They prefer locations with warm summers and cool winters and require some winter cold for optimal...

Image of Rhododendron

Gerald L. Klingaman

(Evergreen Azalea, Marian Lee Azalea, Morrison Hybrid Azalea)

Hybridized by B. Y. Morrison, who also developed most of the Glenn Dale Hybrids, this compact evergreen azalea bears showy few-flowered clusters of large pinkish-white to strong pink blooms with bright red rims. The flaring, funnel-shaped flowers appear from mid- to late spring. This broad chest-high shrub has elliptic shiny medium-green leaves.

B. Y. Morrison continued developing evergreen azalea cultivars following his retirement from the United States Department of Agriculture and his subsequent...

Image of Rhododendron

David C. Royster

(Hybrid Azalea, Martha Hitchcock Hybrid Azalea)

Bearing showy clusters of large white flowers with broad rose-lavender rims, 'Martha Hitchcock' is one of the more than 400 named evergreen azalea hybrids developed from the late 1920s through the 1940s at the United States Department of Agriculture’s Plant Introduction Station at Glenn Dale, Maryland. The flaring funnel-shaped blooms appear in mid-spring. The spent flowers drop rather than persisting on the plant. This upright, open, chest-high shrub has elliptic medium- to dark-green leaves.



Flowering in fruity tropical colors that belie its excellent cold-hardiness, this Gable Hybrid bears showy domed heads of large flowers that open soft salmon pink and age to lemony-peach. The ruffled, funnel-shaped, red-throated blooms are of heavy substance. They open in mid-spring. This dense, rounded, head-high shrub has large elliptic light green leaves which are often somewhat twisted.

This is one of several large-leaved rhododendron hybrids developed by Joseph Gable of Stewartstown,...

Image of Rhododendron

David C. Royster

(Evergreen Azalea, Kurume Hybrid Evergreen Azalea, Massasoit Evergreen Azalea)

Elegant deep red flowers cover this compact upright evergreen azalea in mid-spring. The broadly funnel-shaped blooms of 'Massasoit' are unscented. The oval leaves are glossy dark green. This cultivar slowly forms a rounded waist-high shrub.

The Kurume Hybrids result from some 300 years of hybridizing in Japan. Their ancestry likely includes Rhododendron kaempferi, R. kiusianum, and other Japanese species and hybrids.

Massasoit azaleas flourish when grown in...

(Gable Hybrid Rhododendron, Maxecat Rhododendron, Rhododendron)

Product of a cross between the eastern North American natives Rhododendron maximum and R. catawbiense, this exceptionally hardy and highly ornamental Gable Hybrid bears showy conical heads of light purplish pink flowers with darker pink margins in late spring. The flaring, funnel-shaped blooms have a golden blotch and red spotting on their upper lobes. This dense, rounded, medium-sized shrub has long dark green leaves that are somewhat glossy. Its red twigs are also ornamental....